KMS Part 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

What a carefree life it was.. I missed :(

Me Fact : I hate it when people make me repeat what I said.

HOHO. How's everyone? Alhamdulillah for this chance. Yes, I'm home this weekend. 
So, how was my first week at KMS?

Rasanya typical kalau masuk mana2 mesti ada orientation week and being me, I hate orientation week and love it at the same time. I shed tears during the first day. Why? Not because I wanted to go home. But because I was intimidated. Will I survive at KMS? and such..

Alhamdulillah again, aku tak homesick melampau. Sometimes ada lah jugak teringat dkt family and others, tapi alhamdulillah, mcm miracle that I can handle my emotions. Heh, aku dah la senang T____T haaa. Hahaha :D Perhaps because I distract my thoughts for something else. I put aside my fonder for family and others. Just keep living my life there tanpa perasaan -____-

You know, settling in is never easy.

I haven't systematically organize my stuffs because orientation week was heck tiring. Rushing everytime. Sweating and panting. Sleeping for almost only 2-3 hours everyday. Waking up at 4am and my activity starts. Slept at 1-2am -_____- My eyebags? DISASTER. 

Oh my roommates?
An indian girl from Johor and two malays, from Kelantan and Sg Buloh. Nice and friendly. Well, I am not really good at starting a conversation and I fogrot their names for (insert any number here) times -____- I, honestly, am not interested (yet) at making new friends. Hahaha see? dah psycho si Nesa ni.. No lah, I'm choosing my friends here. Seriously. I usualy do my own things. I walk alone. I prefer doing my own things without troubling others or drag others to keep me company. I don't know what you may assume but for now, I prefer like this. I don't have to wait and people don't have to wait for me. I think I'm fine like this. But still, I talk to others and tease people I can tease. Joke around and be a hero! 

Hero? Why? because these girls are afraid of cockroaches while I'm not. Yes, there was this one day, tgh basuh baju, suddenly ada this girl jerit. Ya Allah, aku ingat amende lah kan, satgi lipas -_______- 

Yessss, the girls were 'running' away while I 'chase' the lipas, stomp it and throw it away like a boss :D They say 'Nesa herooooooooooooooooo!' HAHAHAHAHA. Dorang tak tahu tu aku ni takut cicak sebenarnya HAHAHAHAHA :D Seriously, it was funny!! :D 

and I know, sooner, I'll improve my social life here. In fact, it is not the priority. 

Foods? Awesome! Pakcik cafe tu dah kenal aku! :D The fact that I have to queue in front of almost 300 girls are annoying and I'd rather starve myself HAHA. But seriously, the foods are awesome, alhamdulillah.  Classmates? Some are so shy. Some are friendly. Me? Err, you think? I talk when I need to. Aku berat mulut ah dkt sana. Apahal ntah. Mcm awkward. I'd rather smile, make cute face and listen to what others wanna say :) HAHA psycho!

I got my timetable. Most of my classes are from 8am till 4pm. From Monday to Friday. 
With 2 hours of break. InsyaAllah, in few months time, I'd be okay. It's not that I am not okay. But struggling to get out from my comfort zone is the problem. 

I miss everyone now :(
I'll be heading back to KMS in the morning of June 3.
I pray so that everyone is doing better.
May Allah forgives us all.

Ah, now I want an iPhone/Galaxy Note and it'll be easier with mobile internet.
Bila weh nak pakai dream phone? -_____-
Bila senang..


Take care, everyone!
Have a nice day!
Assalammualaikum :D


Hanif Shah said…
hahaha,weyh takecare kt sana :D

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