Alhamdulillah Wa Syukrillah, I'm 18 :)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
June 23.
I went back home and celebrated my birthday with my family. It was pure bliss. You know, when you are 'far' apart from your family, even a second with them meant the whole world to you. I believe that is blessing from Allah.
June 24.
I had to go back to KMS for my duties there aren't done yet. Deep inside me, I was feeling numb. Each time Ayah drove back to KMS, I felt disheartened. I arrived safely at KMS and Ayah parked his car in front of my hostel block. It was a moment of definite reluctance -_____- I wanna go home. Time was envied and my parents had to go back to Shah Alam. I waved them goodbye and went upstairs to my room. Sad and blur. Roommates asked about how I celebrated my birthday. Yeah, it was awesome until I reach KMS's gate -____-" So I kept myself occupied with stuffs to be neatly arranged in my locker, unpacked my things and all. Everything seemed like normal.Oh God, this is boring. I thought.
My roommates left me alone. I was about to perform my isha' prayer. Had my telekung on me, just waited for azan. Alone and sad. I faced my locker and murmured craps. Gosh, you're pathetic, nesa.. 
A roommate entered my room to pick up something and left me all alone again.
Quiet and empty. Goddddddddd, I was pathetic -____-"
I was still facing my locker, 'contemplating' the stuffs I had at that time in my locker when suddenly the lights when off!! whooshhh!! mini heart attack.....
"Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you..
 Happy birthday to nesaaaaaaaa.. Happy birthday to you!!!!"
sang my roommates who were carrying a large red Audi cake for me :')
I was speechless.
I knew it, this wass from ARY :')
He planned everything with my roommates!!
Together with the cake, 
there were a cute teddy bear we called it TinTin, journal, daily planner, an aeroplane miniature, fruit tarts, awesome lovely cookies with sweet writings on top of it :')
Give this girl foods and books, you won her heart HAHAHAHA :P
Dear Love,
you are blessing from above and you are my real man after Ayah, I must say :')
His surprise for my 18th birthday, planned with my roommates.
A red Audi cake. My dream car, WEHUUUUUU ^__^
I don't know that makcik in this picture, seriously I don't know her HAHAHAHA
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
For every blessing Allah has given me. Allah is great and there is no other God but Him. I thanked Allah for giving me wonderful people in my life. Specifically in this post, I thanked Allah for giving me a partner. A partner during my joy and mishaps. A supporter, a listener, an adviser, a best friend, full time lover. As a girl, I am grateful to have a partner like him. May Allah unite us in future later :')

Hatiku dilamar orang (behold the cookie!) :p

Dear Allah,
I thanked you for everyone you shared with me. I do not own them. They belong to You. Even if you gave me one day to spend with them, that is more than enough for I deserve not anything better than what you have prescribed for me :')

May everyone be blessed with joy and strength.
Assalammualaikum :')


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