بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

It's been so tiring these days. My schedule is so packed with classes and had to struggle a bit to find ways for extra brain blooming session and drilling. Final exam is exactly a month from now -______- I feel like slapping myself in disbelief. Is this real? Just another one month and six days, I wave good bye to semester 1. Time really flies.. With all the quizzes and extra classes at night, I'm feeling the pressure. At certain point, I keep mumble to myself "sabar.. sabar.. sabar.." because you see, I am working hard everyday trying not to whine or sigh or moan like a bimbo -_____- 

Next week, I'm full with night classes, quizzes and pre-final exams. OH. MY. GOD. Life is awesome when I'm busy like this actually. It's just, I have to maintain the quality of what I'm doing. In other words, don't be reckless. I swear I have to arrange my schedule efficiently -_____- within this one month before exam, I have to work harder everyday just to ensure that I maintain my A for chemistry and Computer Science, upgrade my Physics from B to A. and just do anything for the sake of Maths -____- (ofcourse I failed that paper)

It's a bummer when I saw D for my Maths, seriously..

Cut that crap. It's done.
Well, yesterday (May 28) marked the fourth month for me at KMS. Freaking FOUR MONTHS. Alhamdulillah that I am blessed with awesome roommates :') Apart from that, the lecturers that always sooth my sunken heart :p 

This time left before final exam is totally crucial, seriously. 
I have to think and plan fast (since I'm quite sluggish).
Dear God, help me.

May Allah ease.


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