UPS Result

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

I personally feel okay and quite relieved with my result. Well, not to say that I feel stable with it, but the positivity and confidence I gained from my UPS result will, insyaAllah, keep me going for the next 6 weeks. A beloved lecturer talked to me personally via phone just now. She has been my private motivator since I first know her. What she said was perseverance matters and manage my time wisely.

I am still searching for the conflicts and solutions inside myself that resulted in my 'imbalance' result. 
What is this crap? Ughhh..

I feel like going back home this weekend, try to make myself calm. I can not stay calm here in KMS, I get paranoid seeing these people with their spirit hahahaha. 

Deep inside I am more satisfied than ever because I managed to get A for my chemistry because I wanted to make Emak proud of me. She was so yakin that I can score in chemistry, even I myself was not confident in the first place. Blessed.. the power of a mother's prayer :') Nevertheless, this is just the pre-semester exam. Nothing matters. Final exam is what matters. I really hope I will find my way and continue to climb higher. Stay calm, nesa.. Everything you fight here is for Allah alone, but you win for everyone else -victory shared.

Baby steps.. InsyaAllah, I'll be fine :)
Above all,
I thanked Allah for my result and everything I was given in life, heeeeeeeeeeee :D


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