1st Week / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
*Scheduled post.*

Alhamdulillah everything went well. I just got back from class for my first day as I typed this. First day of semester 2 actually. Allahuakbar, how time really flies :) I woke up with sudden mood swings and Zauji nagged like crazy HAHA. He just hated those who complain a lot in the morning. Sigh, I was. Had enough sleep last night, 7 hours.That would be my last enough sleep, I guess HAHA. It's my norm in KMS to only sleep for 3-4 hours/day due to loads of stuffs to revise and works to settle. I can tell that my life would be back to normal (hectic) in another few days. However, I am truly grateful that for this semester we were given 2 hours of break for a day in a week. Hello, that is rare.. very rare... Starting this semester, I wanna try to put in record everything I love in KMS for I know one day I'm gonna miss this place actually. I had to. I have to love this place. I work on my duty here, no other choice. As in that, I'll try my best to write as much as I can in this blog. Like day 1, day 2... day 234. HAHA. Cz someday when my duty here has finished, I'll be reading back what I wrote and appreciate my future more. Rabbi yassir wala tua'assir.. Till then, I have chemistry jotter to do..

DAY 2.
No-picture day.
Told ya that I'll be living my normal routines back.. Today (tuesday), was hectic despite the most not-so-packed schedule (refer picture above). I think too much of sleep during holiday have made me a mundane person in KMS HAHAHA. My handwriting sucks like I've never been writing using my hand and a pen before -____-" Got few assignments for today, few graphs to do. Also, projects to settle. I'm gonna miss this place which has made me THAT busy and occupied with tasks. Oh and it's 5.17pm as Im typing this, I just got back from lecturers' cubicle for our project discussion and I haven't eaten anything proper except 2 pieces of choco raisin bread since I woke up HAHA. Does roti considered as proper? Sigh, I don't even know -____-" I really need to have proper foods. Ah, loads of stuffs to do tonight! Ya Allah, help.. Astaghfirullah. Today, Zauji reminded me that it's been 6 months that I endured living in KMS, I was stupefied. Is it?? Really? 6 freaking months??? Wow, time really flies. May strength, endurance and patience be given to us all :) Till then, Im going out, jogging as I must :p
it's 8.16pm as Im typing this. Having my dinner in my room alone now. Sigh. This feeling. When all my roommates went out to have dinner, study at library, Im all alone in my room doing my own things. Zauji is still at work, I guess. Haven't heard any news from him yet. I remembered exactly this same feeling last semester. I rolled my eyes at my roommates as they say goodbye. Sigh, they know I was joking and they'll say "nanti kita balik cepat, kita teman okay?".. This is so sad and Im so sleepy. 
DAY 3.

Proper food for today, sayur and sup ayam RM3.
Alhamdulillah Wasyukrillah. My hectic day has begun. Today, November 28 marks the 6th month for me. 6 months ago, I registered as a student here in KMS. Enough about that. Well, alhamdulillah for those laughters I had with my classmates. It's been so long since the last time we all laugh together. Pure bliss :') Alhamdulillah for everything went well. I've been trying so hard not to complain or be in a mundane mode 
-___-" Dear Allah, help.. Oh I have to do some works but Sayang by Shae is too cute that I'm still stranded doing nothing but berjoget HAHA. Till then.. I wanna do my works.
DAY 4 & 5
My daily view :')

Sc Comp lecture.. sleepy~

Sunrise :)

Muka nak tidur lagi -___-"

Well, I'm home now. It's been so tiring this week. My first week in KMS for semester 2 is so packed with tasks to do that I had mood swings HAHA. I actually don't know what to write anymore because my head is filled with my tasks, but here I am in front of the laptop, waiting for AdamHawa to load. So nice. HAHA. Okay, aku blank. Dahbye.


aivimivi said…
benci labaku org yang boleh balik weeekend nii T.T
Nesayang said…
Hahahaha aku lg benci org blh fly UK ni :p

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