2nd Week / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
Another summary of what I've been through.

1st Weekend (1-2 Dec, 2013)
 It's a tiring weekend, indeed. Mentally, I'd say. Or, am I exaggerating? HAHA I don't even know. I get paranoid with so much to settle. I just don't wanna be left behind in study, you know. I mean, it's the first week. What do you expect? Lazed around? HELL NO. The only time I lazed around is when I woke up late and watched tv :p So.. Only Ayah sent me back to KMS. Just the two of us in the car. Sad, indeed. I feel weird not having Mak sending me back to KMS. Nonetheless, it's a bonding time with Ayah. Only God knows how I feel at that time. Sigh. I love both of them so much. May Allah bless our parents :')

DAY 1.
5.45am, Monday, 3rd Dec 2012. A photo of my daily breakfast.
And I broke my highlighter like a boss -___-"

Terdapat sedikit keccatan, namun masih dpt kudos dari Madame.
It's early in the morning and I can hear azan subuh. Usually I woke up at this time or earlier than this. Do my own things in a very quiet situation. Kinda peaceful actually. But somehow when I woke up on Mondays, I just got a minor despondency (Monday blues). I swear la, it's my first struggle -___-" You know, not to dwell in that blues and let myself be in mundane mode for the whole freaking day. What a conflicted mind, sigh. Okay, I kinda miss home actually -___-" till then, need to revise a bit, will update more before I go to sleep.
It's 12.16am as I'm typing this. I should be sleeping actually because this is not my norm in KMS. Because I usually sleep soooo early compared to my friends HAHA. I didn't expect that semester 2 would THIS busy. I mentally died, somehow HAHA. I got a sudden loads of works from chemistry lecturer that have to be sent tomorrow at her desk -___-" Again, I mentally died. 
Sc comp practical session was awesome! Really! I got kudos from lecturer wehoooo! I'm actually artistic, somehow HAHAHAHA -___-" and the weather is just nice, windy and drizzle rain :') I really hope that Maths tutorial class tomorrow will be cancelled -___-" We all need our 2-hour break, FOR GOD'S SAKE WE'RE TIRED HAHAHA spoil brats..  
too much 'HAHA' cz I'm so sleepy..
12.22am, I shall sleep now.
I miss home..

DAY 2.
Kecomelan berganda!!!! My socks + my friend's shoe :D
As always, I have lots of works to submit. Hectic. It's raining heavily today and I spent the whole evening sleeping because I was so damn tired. HAHA ok nak tidur, penat -___-" Esok kena bangun awal gila. Aku nak kena submit benda esok pagi. Dugaan sungguh.. Been sleeping at wee hour and woke up before subuh. MashaAllah.. I have to endure this small things.
Can't wait to finish all works and go back home.
DAY 3.
Thank you for lending me my dream laptop, friend T___T apps installation failed though..

Study katanya..

Bag gua koyak :(

I wasn't feeling very well today. I had my lecturers and friends saying that I looked pale and they thought that I was having fever. I was so tired actually. Stay up at wee hour and woke up before subuh and had packed schedule with so many stuffs to settle/submit/revise. Cliche.. A friend came to my room and told me about Apptrackr, I was super excited till the apps can't be installed to my phone T___T My heart sank, man.. seriously. And, a good friend of mine gimme a call. So sudden. She was crying and I was about to sob too. We spent few minutes talking on the phone and eventually she went back to normal, laughing like she's never been crying before. She cried and told me how tiring is her new routine etc.. Sigh, I hope she'll be okay. Oh and! My bag! Koyak oledi -____-"

DAY 4.

The morning sky was as mesmerizing as always :) I can conclude that Banting has the most beautiful sky, so far. Be it in the morning or eveing. At night, the moon and stars are just wonderful. I sure gonna miss the moment I walked alone to lecture, in the middle of the night, crossing the Dataran Kosmik. The view is so peaceful.. What sucked about today is, Celcom got not coverage for the whole freaking day T____T all of us in KMS were mentally tortured (Well me? I was mentally dead already -___-"), spent my night laughing with my roommates like a bimbo when I tried wearing kain batik like a psychotic -___-" also, enjoying our choki choki. Ah, how delightful.. 
Yay! Esok balik!

Day 5.
Yayyy! Balikkkk!

And again, I had people saying that I looked pale and sick. Sigh, really? I need to take vitamins -____-" and few people said that I looked 'smaller' HAHAHAHA even Mak said that -____-" Ho yeahhh! I went back home today! Helped Mak sewing labuci! It was fun! :)

Weekend 2.

Went to cousin's wedding and met my twin, Ika. She's my cousin, actually :) 
oh and, bought new spec! I loooooooooooove the colourrr! Imma happy girl :)
and Shah Alam was raining so heavily that it's a norm for this city to be flooded.
I'll be going back to KMS this evening, start a new weekend, same routine, more work, much tougher! :)

Assalammualaikum! :)


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