WEEK 4 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
Day 1.
Hujan and angin kuat gila sampai tercabut bumbung asrama.
Triogonometry FTW

As always, I've expected the piles of works to be done and submitted within 24 hours. Norm in KMS. It's been raining like crazy. I watched with my own eyes, the roof of our hostel got blown away by the wind -____-" It's freaking heavy like bricks yo but the wind was crazy, I told you. I woke up at 3am, trying to catch up with my works and haven't slept till I got back from class. Pure bliss, the wind just so ahhh syoknya tidur HAHAHA.. Had to kutip my clothes downstairs, the wind has blown them everywhere, you know. At night, continue doing my works, finish 30% of it -____-" But no Chemistry work was left undone for tonight. Finished everything about chemistry. Now, piles of Maths, Physics, Sc Comp and English works are waiting  for their turn!! *pengsan* 

Day 2.
Bertulangbelakangkan mop, aku buat ampaian sendiri dlm bilik sbb asyik hujan je HAHAHA


Tunggu Ethanol vaporised mcm tggu KTM -___-" so slow..

Today is our FIFTH MONTHSARY. The story is, last night I wished him "Happy 4th Monthsary" -____-" WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, NESA??!!! HAHAHAHA. I must be so dang tired last night, sighhhhh.. And to make the story more awesome is, bot of our bill got barred -____-" Now I feel like slapping someone. Slap yourself, pls? Sigh. It's 7.30am, need to get ready for classes. Toodles :) 
Class finished at 2pm today, SUCH A RELIEF! And it was much better because Zauji had planned something earlier. His cousin, Hanim picked me up and we went straight to MIECC for the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair. Awesome!!!!! I spent wisely, I guess. Exactly RM100 given by Zauji. Had Carl's Jr for dinner while we both (Hanim and I) headed back to KMS. Had a terrible mishap when we actually had to brainstorm how to get myself pass the security pakcik -___-" (Oh yes, I went out illegally). Alhamdulillah, my Chemistry lecturer was helpful and she was heading back to KMS from Pekan Banting, sneaked into her car and passed the security pakcik like a boss!! :D HAHAHAHA. 
At 8pm, I had Maths lecture. Oh my, tiring indeed. 
Zauji is going to Melbourne tomorrow. 

big bad wolf FTW!

Studying Chemistry.

Day 3.
Read that. 1-tan A atom B.. SAY WHAT? ATOM?
Mcm mana ntah boleh sesat kimia dlm jln kerja trigo aku -___-"
I woke up today feeling anxious. Perhaps because Zauji is leaving for Melbourne today. Also, with piles of works to be submitted before Friday made me went haywire for awhile. Today, I lost counts of how many times I took a glance at the clock, counted the hours and minutes before his departure. Psycho girlfriend is psycho.. HAHAHA. I got scolded by my English lecturer because I secretly looked at my phone for a few times. I was waiting and counting actually. When he texted me, only God knows the feeling HAHAHA. This is my first time having a boyfie who will be 2-weeks far apart from me. So childish.. I miss him already. It felt weird knowing that no texts are received because he's on his way to Melbourne now (as I'm typing this). Okay, I think I should distract myself now. I have Chemistry quiz within an hour. Awesomeness defined
 -____-" He didn't know that I have ANOTHER quiz today. Just don't wanna bother him with my thing, you know. Dan juga tahniah buat adik aku yang tercinta sbb dapat straight As dlm PMR :) Gtg now, need to revise :)
 (aku rasa aku annoying, somehow)
CRAPPPPPPPPPPPP!! I overslept just now! Didn't attend my Chemistry quiz. 
Imma dead meat tomorrow T____T
Oh you know what? I was about to sleep when Zauji whatsapp-ed me!!

Freaking awesome lah the feeling :')
He has safely arrived, alhamdulillah :)

Day 4.
Sebelah tgn menongkat buku, sebelah tgn menulis

Lihat lah, sedang makan maggi sambil siapkan denda.
Tulisan dah malas tahap unta, kalah tulisan doktor HAHA!

Nothing much happened today. I was busy finishing my punishment from English lecturer for not downloading a video, had to give 20reasons x 50 (for each reason) written by hand = 1000 times. Had KMS Students Assembly. Proud to say that KMS conquered the throne! We are the best among all matriculation colleges in Malaysia! :D Also, Zauji whatsapp-ed me once! My heart skipped a beat! I was super excited. All my friends noticed that I didn't clutch to my phone like how I always did. Poor me.. My baby is far away. But, I'm okay :) I'm done with my punishment just now. LEGA SIOT. So much to be done. It's 1am now. Zauji has probably slept already :) I too shall sleep..


11 pieces of papers.. SIGH.

Day 5.
I think, I looked.. errr, rather different -___-"

Demi mu, angular acceleration and moment of inertia..
Sampai melutut/bersila/bergolek aku dkt lantai lab!
I woke up without the help from Zauji or alarm today HAHA. Battery went drain. 6.30am, I was in rush. I know I had to queue for my turn to mandi -____-" I hate that, so I prayed the subuh prayer first and start doing Physics Jotter with my eyes half opened and hit the shower at 7.05am -___-" I was super sleep and tired even after almost 5 hours of sleep. Oh my, am I typing every motion of today? -___-" Had a terrible mood swing actually. I didn't smile to anyone and had to fake smile to my lecturers. Currently waiting to go back home. Oh yeah, I will forever hate having myself menumpang someone else. That, I swear. 

I'll be spending my weekend wisely.
I think so :p I have major distraction now, which is, Ayah kata esok nak pegi KLCC!
Nak ikut ke tak seh? SIGH..

Tugasan tetap tugasan..
Mungkin KLCC akan tetap menjadi pujaan :p

Ayuh, Nesa!
Bekerja! :D


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