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WEEK 9 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) ----------------------------------------------------
CRAZY! It's the 9th week of SEM 2 which remarks the soon-to-be-seated Midsem Exam (UPS). Yeah, next week on Tuesday the exam starts :) Time SERIOUSLY fleet like lightning!! Arghhhh, I SOOOO can not believe this hahahaha!! Another 9 weeks and SEM 2 ends -____-" mashaAllah, how I grew :') 
Study has been kinda smooth for me except Physics which I am still figuring it out and I seriously have to improve with Maths -____-" Mak, Ayah and Adam will freaking nag to my ears for weeks if I flunk again hahahaha!! B should be okay I think :) insyaAllah, nesa..
I've been having neck-shoulder cramp (?) and headache these days. Stress maybe? HEH.
I have 3 days to revise back what I have learnt, insyaAllah everything is going to be okay.. I just need to do A LOT better than last semester. I need to catch up my pointer, I am sooooo left behi…


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) --------------------------------------------------------
For every 9 weeks after midsem/semester break, matriculation students will be sitting for UPS/PSPM respectively. So yeah, I am currently in week 8. Just another week left before UPS starts. Time really fleet away like a lightning. I felt like it was just yesterday when I felt all gloomy after 2 weeks of semester 1 break.  Everything is going smooth for now except physics -____-" I don't quite fathom Simple Harmonic Motion, and I forgot how Rotational of A Rigid Body works hahahaha Alzheimer alert!! -____-"
This week fleet so fast, you know!! I was overwhelmed with works that I forgot my 6th monthsary with Adam -____-" so much things happened and I just have to adapt. Adam has been so amazing since day 1 :') he has been there to shine bright my days like a diamond hahahahaha (aku tgh suka lagu tu, excuse me). I am a lucky…

WEEK 7 / SEM 2

This week has been so.. err, what eh? Typical, maybe. No night classes, so I was beyond grateful -___-" UPS is within 18 days. Am I prepared? 40%. I am currently :
 Trying to catch up with piles of works to be done. Lots and lots of tutorial questions to do and submit. Catching up with the Simple Harmonic Motion thingy which drives me insane!! Being consistent with my 2km jogging distance per day despite the hectic schedule. Try not to flunk in Mathematics anymore. Be as cool and calm as I can (simply because everyone else is freaking out about exam -___-" UPS je pun..). Try to make my parents happy with my quizzes marks.   
Ah so much things actually..

Sekarang aku rasa aku perlu pengukuhan utk subjects yg aku amek. Segalanya bermula dgn attitude ye, harap maklum.

WEEK 6 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) ------------------------------------------------------- DAY 1. I'm just gonna make this week's summary very brief. So much works to do. Let the pictures and captions speak. Easy to read though..

Okay, esok cuti. Baik aku tidur skrg. Esok terlampau byk benda nk buat.  Might wake up at 3am to do works. Good night. Happy New Year! BarakaAllah :) DAY 2. It's the first day of 2013! Spent my day doing my works and I got maths lecture at night -___-" There goes my 'holiday'.. Oh and btw, only RM2 left in my purse. Yeah, to survive till Friday. 'Horah'. *update* Oh great, I have no money to eat, just used the RM2 for laundry. Nice one, Nesa..  DAY 3. Happy thing is, Zauji's home! Safely arrived. I received my souvenirs right after Chemistry Quiz, Hanim came and helped me with the rendang ayam (mak zauji masak hehe). What a good day.. Alhamdulillah.