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WEEK 14 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) --------------------------------------------------
Minggu Gila. Aku rasa minggu ni cukup gila. Gila penuh air mata, penuh drama, penuh umpatan, penuh dosa. Muahaha. Selama aku sekolah dkt SSAAS, jujurnya, aku jarang ada masalah member. Mungkin sebab aku bukan jenis nk touching lebih bila member tinggalkan aku, pegi lepak tk ajak, pastu emo tak bertegur bagai. Tenang bro, aku manusia, masih punya rasa. Memang terasa hati, tapi kita chillex ah kan. Yang bersalah tu pun, bagusnya tk play dumb act innocent. So ada justice sikit and tkda la gaduh bagai. Aku rasa dulu masa sekolah rendah ah issue gaduh bagai ni hebat dilakonlayarkan -___-" most of my friends dkt SSAAS, jenis yg reti mengalah. Aku boleh buat konklusi yg dorang ni simple-minded and telus. Kau salah, kau admit, kau malu, kau jgn  ulang lagi. Settle. Fakta sekarang ni, semua orang pun buat salah. So, bila tak mengaku salah dan mula tuding…

Clutter In Mind

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) ---------------------------------------------
Oh Ya Allah,I ask forgiveness from You for the things I did and continue to do,intentionally or unintentionally.I pray that I'll find my way out.I pray that my problems will resolve.I pray that I found my inner peace.I pray that I have enough rezeki and be content with whatever You have prescribed for me.I pray for strength to stay motivated.I pray for strength when nobody is my listener.I pray for strength when my result ain't astonishing as others.I pray for strength to care not whether I get my beauty sleep.I pray for a companion that will guide me through.I pray for productivity, even if it is tiny ones.I pray for strength to face PSPM2.I pray for a way out.

Dear Allah,I have nobody to listen to me, actually. It hurts when nobody listens, when my little things are annoyances to their ears. I knew that I am such a crybaby. Keeping everything to …

On Life and Its Frustrations

I haven't been blogging lately. Surely I don't know what have gotten into me. Study has been a drab. If you asked me to sit for final exam now, I would have been kicked out from the college right after the result is published. Sigh.. Kinda have to admit that when the final exam is near, I am freaking out. I just gotta do lots of things. To revise, to read, to memorise. Goshhh, I have forgotten my first chapter of chemistry for this sem. Such a short term memory.. I've seen my girls in class are striving hard. Fyi, my class are listed among the best class for PDT. We have 4 people with astonishing result. They got 4 flats, you know.. BIG SHAME ON ME. Well, I don't study hard enough hahahaha obviously. Now I feel like collapsing. Final is on April 22. I have another one month to err.. struggle, they say. I can foresee myself crying while studying hahahaha. I seriously am in minor depression actually. You see, there are times in class that I would tear a bit thinking of …