Clutter In Mind

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

Oh Ya Allah,
I ask forgiveness from You for the things I did and continue to do,
intentionally or unintentionally.
I pray that I'll find my way out.
I pray that my problems will resolve.
I pray that I found my inner peace.
I pray that I have enough rezeki and 
be content with whatever You have prescribed for me.
I pray for strength to stay motivated.
I pray for strength when nobody is my listener.
I pray for strength when my result ain't astonishing as others.
I pray for strength to care not whether I get my beauty sleep.
I pray for a companion that will guide me through.
I pray for productivity, even if it is tiny ones.
I pray for strength to face PSPM2.
I pray for a way out.

Dear Allah,
I have nobody to listen to me, actually. It hurts when nobody listens, when my little things are annoyances to their ears. I knew that I am such a crybaby. Keeping everything to myself and to write it here are what I always do. I pray for strength to keep doing so..

Dear Allah,
wherever or whatever You are about to give or test or take me,
I hope I learn.

Dear Allah,
protect those I have loved so dearly,
those who are my listeners,
those whose kindness brighten my days.




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