WEEK 17 & 18 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

Life has been super busy these days. With night classes all packed to my schedule, works to submit, I manage to be sane. Officially, study week has started and here I am, escaped myself from the bars of KMS (they forbidden us to go home during study week, fyi). Sucks, no? Sigh. Im homeeee! To tell you the truth, I am all freaked out about PSPM 2 (final exam). Preparation? 30 percents maybe. Sucks. 

Im not sure whether it's wrong to complain about the amount of night classes they held. You see, we have classes from 8am-4pm, nthen 8pm something until 11pm (maximum). Yes I realized that it is for our own good. But man, aren't these people born with mercy? Yes I realized that they too are tired and stuff. But come on, I only see students whining over things and some even lost their interest (I almost be the latter one). But whatever it is, I know this is what it takes for them to maintain the victory that KMS has conquered for last semester. May God bless all these people for their hard work.

I have lost my interest to blog these days. Don't know what should I talk about. 

dear sky, you console me when my days are gloomy..


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