Graduation Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

i don't have any elder brother/sister, so i don't get the chance to be at their graduation day. hence, i've never attend any. i know people say it's the most joyful moment as a student but i just couldn't catch up with them. idk what God planned for me, but today i attend it. yes, i was excited :) looking at happy faces. those pretty girls who make me feel so insecure hahahaha. seriously, they looked stunning with their dresses, high heels, kim kardashian's kinda hair bla bla bla (you can imagine it). of course, the men. so handsome, i almost die. hahahaha. but i was looking at how both genders looked like upon graduation. their happy faces. i almost photo-bombed few families hahahaha accidently, of course! 

subhanAllah. it was lively.

i imagined myself in that situation. subhanaAllah. it would be so fun! i know i'd be walking around searching for people to photobomb :p or maybe i'll be busy taking pictures? or... ok enough! 5 years to go. 2 semesters in matriculation and perhaps 8 semesters during degree. total of another 5 years. i'd be 24 by that time. ergh, i dont wanna grow up.

whatever it is, i had fun today :)


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