بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) 
cuti tinggal few days. i'll head back to banting on june 12. so these last few days i spent by reading. blogs and books. i read to improve my focus. yep, i love to it, but frankly you need to know there are so many types of readers in this world. im the one yg baru 25 page, dh terlelap, celik mata, grab the book, 25 pages more, terlelap lagi HAHAHAHA. i dont quite fathom how people read a thick book within a day. so these few days, i've been trying to read as fast as i can hahahaha. sbb rugi masa baca slowly. aku jenis yg baca dgn intonasi sekali dlm hati, tu yg terlelap tu. pastu satu novel amek masa lebih sehari sbb i cant resist reading them with intonation (dlm hati). gila.
ok thats not the point.
lately ni, aku selalu rasa insecure. pasal result, psl future etc. normal kot benda ni. cuma aku rasa sgt annoying bila insecurity ni buat aku down. gosh, i felt this way during early days in kms. aku tgk org achieve stuffs, aku jd insecure hahaha. nonsense. 
accept criticisms.
surround yourself with positive n supportive people.

i really need to be happy. i really need pure laughters.


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