To Our Heroes..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) 
Utk Mak Ayah (and my lil bros),
hanya mereka dan tiada galang ganti. tiada jumlah harta yg mampu ganti mereka. segala penat lelah, terutama membesarkan baby yg kerek lagi grumpy lagi suka jerit mcm aku. aku masih ingat bila ayah cerita masa aku dah mula nak bercakap, aku asyik jerit2 je. aku duduk sorang dkt seat blkg, ayah suruh senyap, aku lg jerit2. bimbo baby. punya lah sabar depa melayan aku. aku tk pernah lagi rasa terlalu amat melampau risau dkt somebody. i wanted to feel it sbb all this while, i thought i am a selfish brat. i dont know how to care deeply. i looked at how mothers all around me. their faces.. priceless. adam told me "anak2 ni kekuatan utk mak".. i dont quite understand that. how an innocent soul could be your staunching strength? maybe one day i could understand it when i looked into my kids' eyes. parents are really awesome, arent they? Allah, im so grateful. to be able to see their faces, listen to their laughters or just few words from them, such a bliss.. im still so far from proving anything big rather than good cgpa, but i wish the chances are still available. parents, the best gift ever given to us. 

Utk Warga Pendidik,
aku sentiasa rasa golongan ini adalah kedua awesome. i believe kita semua jumpa teachers/lecturers yg awed us to point where we almost wanted to be like them hahahaha. simply bcz they have a charisma. their sense of humor, sincerity, capability of sharing. yep, i fall in love with people who have an ability to share love and knowledge. i find them rather interesting to approach. these people have helped me to grow, apart from receiving lectures from my parents hahaha. though some of them really annoy the hell out of me, god bless them. 

Utk Sahabat,
sahabat tak ramai, tapi cukup la buat lengkap hidup. aku tak rasa aku kawan yg can be relied on or you know, that kind of friend yg we secretly admire bcz he/she has some special traits. we have respect for these kind of friends. gosh, talking about respect? how much do we respect our friends -_- i cant recall when was the last time i really respect a friend. that is, by not cursing to her/him, simplest example hahaha. well, truest friendship cant be defined by swear words you throw at them, right? men-definisi-kan friendship adalah terlalu subjektif. these people know who they are and they might be reading this, thank you so much, buddies.. wherever you are.
Utk Adam,
aku tahu ianya cliche bila aku kata "he's unlike any other", but at this moment, aku rasa semua org yg rapat dgn aku pun tahu he's unlike any other. aku suka bila after a longgg tiring day, we talked on the phone and try to make each other laugh. having a partner can really be a stress relief if you have a partner like adam. ceh puji ni :p thank god, my boyfriend is my best friend. you know, he called me 'nyawa' and that always make my day. one rare nickname hahaha. it's really cute especially when he's mad at me and he called me 'nyawa'. pls stay cute and pls be safe, sweetheart. 
all praise be to Allah alone.


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