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Cepat lah Habis Sem 3!!

Ini tempat Adam planned utk aku. Skrg tugas aku kasi pulun lagi 3 paper. Jumaat aku nak balik, bantai tidur sampai puas (ceh mcm la kau tk cukup tidur sgt). 

Aduhai 4 flat, Mari dekat dgn ku..

Eee apa ni? Hahaha! K bye! Nak study fizik, ada lagi 4 chapters kena pulun. Esok fizik! Hari khamis aku dah boleh lega ah sbb kimia, fizik and maths dah settle. Tinggal Sc Comp je.
Ok serious, gtg! Assalammualaikum! XO, Nesayang.

MUET Speaking.

All praise be to Allah and glory be to Him.
Im done with MUET speaking and alhamdulillah I didnt do anything that would take me down in the mouth. Though I make few mistakes, Im just glad I didnt feel dejected. I am still able to be positive and stay sane. Glad!

While waiting for our turn in the quarantine room :) 

The topic was on good manners should be practiced at school and that is something quite easy to tackle for everyone, isnt it? It's appicable to all of us. So I could sum up that my topic was okay lah

Thankful to Allah that my examiners were all okay, smiling all the way. 

Walked into the room with a smile on our faces so we could actually bring up the positive and more relaxed ambient during the test and glad the examiners werent making faces. 

The next tests would be on listening, writing and reading :) I hope I'll nailed it! In sya Allah.

Assalammualaikum. XO, Nesayang.

Teringat Tahun 2002

Aku baru balik solat subuh. Tadi ttba terperasan yg dah 3 semester aku dkt sini, most people prone to stay up at wee hours to study and very less of them wake up early to study. Im not the kind of student who can actually stay up for hours to do works, I'll get sleepy and surely cant focus. 1am is the maximum for studying. 

Year 2002, I was in standard two. I remembered having so many homeworks to do before I went to sleep, so I decided to wake up at morning (masa ni tgk jam pun tk berapa reti haha!). Not knowing what is the exact timing of "morning", I just woke up and realize that it's still dark outside and continued my work. I have a habit of doing my homeworks in front of the door of my room, I couldnt fathom why until now haha! But that was a lucid memory that I still keep.

I remembered the sound of the wind outside as it was about to rain. I was all alone. Doing tulisan jawi. The letter I wrote was "jim". You know, the kind of homeworks teacher would gi…

WEEK 18 / SEM 3

Study week = week 18. It'll always be like that bcz we only have 18 weeks per semester. Honestly, I have been trying to study and be wise in choosing how to kill time other than studying. That is, procrastinating hahaha! My study schedule is packed but somehow I couldnt managed to stay on track. I didnt literally follow the schedule, but waking up at 4am is really an achievement. It shows that Im ready to brainstorm. 

It's okay, slow pace. No pressure. I dont wanna push too hard cz I know I'll be tired mentally and it'll be hard for me to stay sane, calm and happy. There's no room for giving up now. Though Im pacing slowly, not giving up is the mission now. 

This friday (oct 25) would be the first day of semester 3 final examination. I have 6 days if leisure before proceeding to the next papers which are on Monday (oct 28). 

I hope I'll do better this time. This semester is my one and only hope so that I could pass above 3.5 . Just a littleeeeeee bit more. If I sc…


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) -------------------------------------

I hope I will miss this place someday in future.

It's Been 5 Years Since I Last Met Her.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) ----------------------------------------

Adam asked me to do him a favor. I need to go to Mid Valley to pick up his clothes, that's what he said. So I did. He woke me up, and off I went to Mid Valley. Despite having my purse left at home, I continued my journey with a reluctant heart. Oi, gua dah plan nak gi tgk movie, cemana nak tgk movie kalau purse dah tertinggal -___-"

He was worried that I couldn't make it to meet the person I was supposed to meet to collect his clothes. I know I will make it. Just a lil late. Hehe!

So I walked to MPH as I was texting him..
"Cemana nak tahu mana satu orgnya?""Jap" he said.

So I stepped into MPH and roamed around. Waiting for him to reply the text.

And suddenly...
I turned to where the voice is coming and I saw...
Amira Hanani Abd Kadir!!!!!!!

Who is she?She's my long lost best friend whom I havent met …

Suasana di Klinik.

Semalam, aku bangun subuh and area jantung aku sakit, so harini aku decide utk pegi klinik. Being in KMS, depa akan hantaq kami naik van (boleh tak nak kata mcm gelandangan? Cis! Tak bersyukur!) ke satu klinik yg well known utk matrix students. Klinik kerajaan. Aku jangka pagi ni tak ramai orang, satgi turun van je perghhh ramai seh.

So I sat at a corner, observing around. 

Allahurabbi, sebak rasa hati bila aku tgk orang2 tua yang dtg ke klinik sendirian ni. Dgn nurse panggil nama mcm kami ni pekak (ye aku fhm, kau panggil la sekali je, tunggu org tu muncul ke tak, baru panggil lagi, ini tidak, panggil mcm la kami ni boleh tuptuppp muncul terus dkt kaunter). Old folks ni jalan pun tak terdaya, slow je melangkah ke kaunter. Sebak aku tgk. 

Sendirian agaknya mereka di rumah tanpa anak2. Nisa, buruk sangka tu not nice ok? Nanti amalan di ambil org kalau kita buruk sangka dkt org lain. 

Ya Allah, Aku harap aku diberi peluang utk ada dgn Mak Ayah bila dorang dah tak sekuat dan seaktif skrg ni. 

Pain In The Chest

Often do I experienced minor illness as exam is getting near. Today, I woke up for subuh congregation prayer with a normal feeling. No pain. Nothing. I just need to pee so badly. So I went straight to the mosque and approached the loo. That was the time when the left lower abdomen of mine experienced a sharp pain that it affected my chest. Sharp pain also. I felt this before but normally it wont take so long to retrieve. So I said to myself it's okay lets solat, maybe after that it'll retrieve. But to no avail. The pain was there. I didnt wait for the doa recital, I went back to my room. Sat on my bed, grab the Quran in hope that it'll be better. But again, I was wrong. It gets worst. I somehow had to stop reciting, wait for a few seconds to bear the sharp pain in the chest and then continue. That's it, final solution.


I always believe that sleep heals almost every minor illness, so I slept. Skipped my morning classes in hope that I can attend the remaining class…

WEEK 16 / SEM 3

Sem yang paling tak consistent aku update blog. Sem paling tricky (tak susah, tapi tricky). Sem paling aku redah je balik even kolej ada event. Exam aku start Oct 25, Jumaat. Aku pun tak fhm kenapa Jumaat. Sem ni Matrikulasi punya takwim cam merapu sket. Semua rushing and last minute. Ttba aku teringat masa aku makan dgn Hanim dkt Hard Rock. Ya Robbi.. masa tu la depa text and inform yang aku kena balik asrama hari ahad. It was Friday. Gila! Kena packing in rush. Mentally tak ready nak menghadap sem 3 and now... semester 3 is ending. Being in the 16th week means I only have 2 weeks remaining before PSPM 3. I. Can. Not. Believe.
Time,  you sure sprint faster each month -.- 

Rasa mcm baru smlm makan dkt Hard Rock dgn Hanim, gelak2, ttba dpt text tu. Aku igt lagi disebabkan ke-kabut-an masa tu, aku hanya berupata utk focus pada 20 minit pertama kelas. Thank God aku cepat2 pulihkan diri hahahahah! Kalau tak, kecundang. Sem ni yg susahnya kimia. Byk sgt reaction mechanism. Specifically utk Al…

Listen. It helps.

Mungkin tak semua yg terdekat dgn aku, mahupun random readers akan baca post aku yang panjang berjela, tapi kalau ada sorang hamba Allah boleh baca and relate dgn apa aku tulis, faham dan amek pengajaran yg sama, aku bersyukur. 
-------------------------- Dengan namaMu ya Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Pemurah.

Minggu ni, aku dirudum masalah orang sekeliling yang secara tak langsung, melibatkan aku. Aku sedar aku dah 19, jujurnya aku taknak membesar. At this age, aku realize yang dunia ni kejam dan aku lebih rela dipilih utk dijemput Ilahi dahulu daripada menghadap kegilaan dunia yang ntah level berapa dia punya gila. Jujur. Menghadap Ilahi dalam keadaan Allah redha pada segala perlakuan aku. Dunia ni terlalu byk muslihat. 

Ceritanya, waktu aku takda dkt asrama, the girls did a meeting with the guilty person named Cantik (bukan nama sebenar). This issue has been dragged for so long that they managed to get Cantik sat down with them and they told me they had something normal pe…