بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I didnt expect MUET to be that exhausting. The exam was from 8am-12.30pm, straight with only 10 minutes of break for each paper. I have 3 papers and those are reading, writing and listening. Not sure whether I am qualified to score as what madame expected. I was clearly exhausted. Thank you Allah for my seat was right under the fan. Too bad I was sleepy and in rush. My 350 words essay was a mess. Report was not convincing. Listening was a total disaster right from the beginning. I guess I can only do the talk. Mmm.. what la.. sigh.

Nevertheless, life goes on. God knows how I feel so at ease right after muet ends. Such solace when I lay on my bed, blank state of mind, thinking of fun stuffs to kill the time before semester 4 starts this monday. So yeah, I headed back home :p Shah Alam, thanks for having me hahaha!

You know, the dexterity of going back home despite every rule the college has set up for us is really something I am so proud of. I just managed to escape every single time -__-" errrr, He still has mercy. I do hope that I would at least passed muet with band 4. I hate formal english. You know, essay, reports etc. Not really engrossed to such field of language. 

The fact that I just realized I did so much of mistakes is really a bummer. Ya Allah, I need to be redha. Console my heart because everything that will happen is always the best for me. Amin.

muet result, you better be nice.


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