Pacing Forward

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

if someone ask me, "what are the things that you are really keen to improve at this moment?",
definitely i'd say :

- sensitivity.
i get offended so easily these days, might need to teleport to Pluto if necessary. surely, i wish i could be logical and ignorant. well yes, ignorant towards my own hard feelings. try to ignore and focus on other things that might be better or make me happy. 

- discipline.
semester break doesnt mean that i have to abandon my study. it is from my schedule at KMS that i manage to learn what discipline means. waking up early, do productive things other than scrolling down twitter/IG, would actually help me to gain back my good habit at KMS. ah come on, it's only a week since semester break started -,-

- patience.
and yes i havent been patient to anyone lately. keep throwing tantrum to anyone. i get mad when what i said is neglected. 

- focus.
no aims can be grasped without focus. 

- sewing/cooking/reading/drawing/writing skills.
i can live alone by doing these thing. hahaha! well, i better waste my time for these skills rather than scrolling down timeline. 

XO, Nesayang.


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