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Selamat Tinggal 2013, Hello umur 20-an! (SIGH)

.Today will be the last day of 2013. Frankly, there's so much that I have learned in this year. Too much that I cant organized it here hahahaha
1) it's okay to ask. I learned to ask. Specifically, to be brave to ask. In life, there is no such thing as stupid question. Ask away if you want to.
2) who we are today resemble the future generation. Whenever i sit and ponder, i'll be thinking what changes should i make and start to think of my weaknesses that i have. I wanted a better quality of life. I wanted to be better than who i was, i wanted my children to look at me as an example and hence i needed to start changing from day to day. I resemble my children, i tried to be better.

3) be better than yesterday will make you a better person everyday. I set goals everyday and for each goal achieved (even the simlplest ones), i am happy and proud. A better Anisah for the future.

4) health is like a crown that only the sick knows its worth. I used to be hospitalized for every 4 years sinc…

Singapore Part 2 (Tips)

My traveling tips  (esp for muslimah yg belum kahwin) : - study dulu. About route kau. Route MRT, jln nk ke hotel/hostel etc. Estimate masa so that kau tk balik lmbt (for girls who travel in group/alone). 
- beli kad MRT/LRT that country  (ala mcm touch n go tu) and its map. Yes, sbb kau nk jimat masa. Plus kalau kena beratur lama nnti kau stress. Make sure balance cukup dlm kad tu. Map MRT/LRT tu penting gak, just in case kau perlu rujukan on the go. Dkt Sgpore dia akan bg sekali map tu if kau beli ticket. 
- sediakan duit kecik. Just in case kau tk beli kad, senang nk beli ticket MRT/LRT guna duit kecik sbb certain machines tak terima dollar etc yg besar. Basic. Mcm dkt Msia.
- tak payah kabut. Be it nak kejar train ke amende pun lah, tk pyh. Kau relax je. Kejar pun still kena beratur. Tk salah nk kejar but chill, kau dtg nk cuti, bkn rushing over things. Cukup lah dkt Msia. Knp jgn rushing? Haa sbb masa tu lah otak kau tk focus. Masa tu la terbuang botol (utk bersihkan diri selepas melabur) …

WEEK 3 / Final Sem

As Im typing this, I am on my way to Batu Pahat to visit nenek. Such a bliss. Getting to write stuffs that happened this week while in a long journey and listening to good music such as Lana Del Ray and Boyce Avenue. This week has been testing me in and out to the degree whereby I sat on my prayer mat each time after prayer and thought of the same things all over again. These thoughts lingered and never left. 

Im in semester 4 (final sem in matrix) and last tuesday, the result of semester 3 was released. I know what I have gone through during sem 3. It was the toughest. The fact that madame Fairuz isn't our chemistry lecturer anymore really killed me virtually. She's the best ah. Not to say that I am not grateful but I can not grasp the new lecturer. Hence, the struggle. 

Summing up, CGPA dropped and my heart wrecked. 

Imagine yrself getting DL and the next semester yr GPA dropped below 3.00? Bummer!

...dan masa tu Tuhan ajar aku makna redha.
Pernah satu masa aku tulis psl redha d…

Week 2 / Final Sem (4)


Minggu ni aku kelam kabut sbb kejar syllabus yg laju gila hanya kerana bulan ni hari rabu byk tkda kelas so lecturers mmg mcm bullet train dlm lecture, aku tk sempat angkat tgn nk tanya depa dh move next subtopic -_- result exam pun dah nak release. Cuak jugak sbnrnya. Takut tak mencapai target. Tapi rasanya baik aku tarbiah hati ni supaya redha awal2 :p kang tk bersyukur pulak. Ye lah, apa Allah bagi, tu lah yg terbaik. Tarbiah hati, nesa.. tarbiah.

Syukur alhamdulillah byk perkara yg aku attempt. Aku cuba nk attempt byk perkara lagi. Benda kecik2 je pun. Tapi bila accomplished tu aku rasa puas. Contoh, taknak tidur masa break semata nk buat one-page note utk nota chapter Z. Contoh. Ewah kau, dah jadi nerd skrg ni. Syukur alhamdulillah sbb aku mampu tabah jd nerd setiap masa dkt bilik asyik nk update kerja. Sbb dulu zaman sekolah, utk balik rumah dan buat kerja adalah something yg sgt asing utk aku. Rumah cuma tmpt tidur, mkn etc bukan utk study. Susahhhhh sgt aku nk study dkt rmh…

WEEK 1 / Final Semester (4)

Officially, November 26th marked the first day of my final semester in matriculation and everyone is hyperventilating about it. I started my final semester with few things that I needed to catch up and adapt. The management is changing our room. That means, we, the seniors who had to cramped in one room located at ground floor have to survey any vacant bed in other level because they'll be revamping our current room back to its former usage which is study room. I had hard time roaming around searching for vacant room, knocking on doors, facing kerek juniors who think they play kerek better than me without knowing that I play kerek the best among my friends hahahaha (ok poyo, ampun ya Allah). Day one drifted so fast that I was so happy imagining if everyday was like that hahahaha! 

Met the new juniors (current roommates), thank God they were all polite people. Well, at least, at the beginning :p Heck, as long as they stay clean and respect each other, Im all good. Idc if they are no…