Same sky.

You might be at the other side of the world trying to figure the journey Allah has planned for you. You might be working hard as I am here in my room. Im doing chemistry mind map. A thought of you came when I listened to a song by Hafiz Hamidun. I wonder where are you now...

That is a song that totally reminds me of you. The lyrics. Perhaps I get the chance to meet you, perhaps few minutes before I leave for the next journey up there, perhaps I get to grow old with you, withstand your anger and soothed by your tenderness. 

At the other side of the world, you might be praying to Allah now. Perhaps you sit on your prayer mat, pondering upon life. I wish you knew that Im here, my name is written right next to yours. 

Perhaps works or assignments make you depressed, I silently ask Allah to make ease of your journey. Couldnt stand looking at you frowning though.. 

At the other side of the world, you might be hungry at this hour. I wonder what would you do to feed that tummy. Or you just go to sleep with hungry tummy? Sigh..

Allah, teach me how to be a good companion. Share with me the wisdom behind every fight, every bliss. Allah, it's best that I let only You know about what I feel for that particular being because for some solid reason, I do believe that only through You can I connect with that being.

Im here.
Not waiting.
But praying.
Praying the best for that particular being.
Waiting gives ache to my fragile heart, but prayers heal everything though tears ran down my cheek and it seemed like it refused to stop.

At the other side of the world, stay safe dear partner. I have missed you since I know why God creates partner for each of us.

Love you, always and forever in prayer.

Just me.


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