Final Sem / Midsem Break (RIP, iPhone)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I started off my midsem break working at a shop. You see, things happened when we least expect it and to cut the story short, I was fooled by an indian lady that she took away my 4s. Now, I dont have phone. This midsem break is definitely something that I would never forget. When that incident happened, I was shocked and scared. I got better when everyone arrived at my workplace to calm me down. I started to laugh and be like normal though there are times that I would just keep mum because few things got into my mind and it frustrated me. 

What bugged me the most is how certain people blame me for things I didnt know. I wasnt allowed to serve the customer outside my work compound. I was just thinking that it'd be a  favor from us to that indian lady. I swear I didnt know that and to be scolded for such act is more frustrating than losing a phone. I wasnt calmed down but pressured more. You know, when you are in that kind of situation, you needed people to calm you down, assure you that you are now safer than when that incident happened, God just wanna test you and such, but some people just dont get it. It hurts me so bad. Especially when it came from people I expected to give more calming response. 

The incident taught me :
- Never trust ANYONE too easily.
I know Rasulullah won't like it if we keep having bad perception or assumption about others, but you gotta be wise to decide when something is not right. You gotta decide fast! I managed to whatsapp-ed Adam but he was driving and there's no internet, so I whatsapp-ed "AHUSHI jom?" group when I was waiting for that indian lady as she went to the loo. Why I didnt inform my parents? Simply because I was too afraid that they would be so mad or they didnt clutch to their phone like my friends do. So I didnt take the risk but I whatsapp-ed the group instead and luckily Yasmin responded,  I asked her to inform Adam asap and I had to go at that time bcz that indian lady came back. She left her bag with me btw, as a trap to think that she is a nice lady and I can trust her to keep my phone as I changed clothes. NEVER BE STUPID. NEVER TRUST ANYONE TO TAKE CARE OF YR BELONGING. As for my case, I dont think that I would leave my belongings to ANYONE anymore after this :) I think that it's never worthy to trust anyone, esp those with innocent looking faces (applied to certain cases only). Not to judge that they will steal your things, but set as niat that you want to prevent as any loss.

- Never lose your very own stance and opinion.
My mistake was : I didnt fight back to get my phone that was in her hand. Idk why. I know it was stupid but it was a lesson for me to fight back for what belongs to me. Seriously. I had belief in her when I let her keep my phone, that was stupid and I learnt. Never trust ANYONE for things that belong to you. This is not solely about phone, wallet or anything materially. Im saying this as whole. Do not let people make you lose you opinion!! Your stance!! Your respect!! Your rights!! You can never trust anyone wholly. Hold on to your opinion, make sure that your opinion doesnt harm the society and you are good to stand up for it. In this corrupted society we are living in, you will neverrrrrrrrrrrrr know how these monster are gonna lie or manipulate things to abuse your rights or take away your belongings. So while you have the chance to stand for what you think is worthy, DO IT RIGHT AWAY. The longer you wait, the greater chance for them to exploit you. Always ask Allah to send you hunches or instinct or guidance, for you to be assured.

- Dont be too kind, people take advantage of that.
I looked naive, I think that's one of the minor reason why it was easy to fool me. As stupid as it sounds, Im sad when people take advantages of each other (pls forgive me if I have ever take advantage of you, readers). My heart broke to know that certain people are so heartless. Yes, they might experienced something bad in life but that's not a green light for them to abuse or exploit people from their ingenuousness or kindness. My heart broke, seriously. I sympathize that fat indian lady (sorry I had to use that adjective, Im mad, as you could tell) for stealing my iphone and I believe that that is not her first time. I sympathize because she chose that alternative to find money. Poor her, may God bless her.  Sometimes in life, you need to be stern and strict. Being nice will be misinterpreted by these criminals as a route for them to use that against you. So, be wise at being kind!

I truly miss my iPhone. I had so much memories with him. He has been with me since Oct 6,2012. I captured so many beautiful moments in life using him (that sounds weird hahaha). He has helped me doing my assignments, presentations and contacting my loved ones. He has been my clock and alarm. He has been the most helpful friend. God knows how efficient an iPhone is...  that Im planning to save money for my next iPhone hahahahaha. What? Life goes on lah. When that incident happened, I was profoundly scared that I sobbed too much my eyes were swollen. When everyone arrived, I got better and started to laugh at certain things till they asked "kau boleh gelak lagi?".. 

Honestly, I have never been too redha like that. When my sem 3 result dropped, I questioned so much, I mumbled "kalau aku camni.. tk kan jd camtu..", too much of kalau. But when that incident happened and I realized I lost my beloved iPhone, I sat down alone, feeling empty. There was no such thing as "kalau aku keluar tk bwk phone, things wont happened like this". Nope. That never lingered in my mind. Such phrase is the indicator that Im not redha. So, I was totally fine with the fact that I cant get my phone back. I thanked Allah for such ability. Trust me, too much kalau have put me in restless nights and misery. 

Im so overwhelmed with the fact that my article has reached more than 1k RT. I hope that instilled a lesson to those who make effort to read such long article. Im totally fine now. In fact, I wanted to go to work the day after that incident but after few considerations and discussions with my loved ones, I had to quit working there. I think that quitting isnt really a good idea. Bravery is not about being fearless, it's about having fear but you go through it all the way. I think if I go to work, I can make myself get used to normal activity rather than staying at home, abstaining myself from meeting the society. But I do agree that this is the best, I couldnt argue because I understand that my loved ones are worried and concerned about me and I need to respect that, pushed away my ideology. I am so thankful for everything.

I miss my iPhone, I hope he's doing just fine..
Oh if you wanna read the article, search my twitter @nesayangg , scroll down to my twitpics, you'll see it there.

XO, Nesayang.


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