Midsem Break Part 2 / Final Sem

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Just like semester 2, I am back at being better in organizing my days. When I was in semester 2, I used to jot down things per day, my aims and to-do stuffs, my life was organized and I enjoyed studying because everything is nicely organized, tak serabut despite the tough subjects. Hence, the pointer. That is my conclusion. So, Im experimenting myself again with that attitude. But ofcourse, I need to always be prepare and alert with what Im studying and update myself with it. Always ask people for things I dont understand. Figuring out alone consumes time and somehow put me in great danger.

May Allah ease my final journey in this matrix life. May Allah be with me always. May Allah grant me good attitude, character and exam results. May Allah teach me to be a better person esp to those who love me. May Allah forgive us all.

Dear last 9 weeks before final exam starts,
bring it on :)

XO, Nesayang.


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