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Kerja lah, nis..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I went out for occasional dinner at a random restaurant with my family yesterday. Then we started talking about so much things. I havent got the chance to dine with them since the last 2 months because I 'imprisoned' myself in KMS. Talking to my parents has always been a therapy. Though not entirely but subhanaAllah, it's a blessing which Allah (still) sends down to me. 
Cutting the story short, Mak told me about how old people nowadays can be pretty sarcastic sometimes..(well, I thought of this since long time ago... pfftt). I stared at her face and I could tell that there's something going on. So I asked her...
me : sapa perli?mak : ada lah...~ kerjalah Nis.. nanti kerja..~me : hm..
She was telling me abt someone's daughter got into USM because she scored 3.80 something in matriculation bla bla bla that kinda thing and that person was being sarcastic with her.
Knowing that Mak had to face that sarcasm, without being able to defend herself back …

WEEK 9-18 / Final Sem

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Wowwww.. two months of hiatus. I've been gone for good, alhamdulillah. So, what happened to me since midsem break ended 2 months ago? Sooooooo much, subhanaAllah :) The last time I updated this blog was before I started my remaining final semester in matrix, that is during Chinese New Year break.
1. Midsem Result. SubhanaAllah subhanaAllah.. Alhamdulillah wa syukrillah.. So much of hard work before the CNY break totally paid off when I nearly got 4flat. All As except Maths. Yes, Im not a big fan of numbers. I wouldnt be blogging if numbers are my forte :p Yup, I was totally flabbergasted when the result was released. Ah come on, for once after 2 years, I finally achieved something better. Not that I have never achieved anything but this keeps getting better and all of these achievements solely belong to Allah. SubhanaAllah I am so humbled. Simple because I am (honestly) an average student. Yes, we are all pandai but some of us.. uh.. well.. malas. Having t…