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Ramadhan 2014.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Maka, telah dipastikan bahawa esok seluruh rakyat Malaysia akan berpuasa. Excited ke? Aku punya fcus lately ni ke laut, so aku mcm like whatttttt dah puasa? So rasa moderate je, but Im excited for iced watermelon juice dkt bazaar ramadhan! 

Tgk la ni, puasa mengikat nafsu, tapi.... astaghfirullah. Cadangnya nak start work out bulan puasa, in sha Allah.

Slow pace, in sha Allah datang mood ramadhan utk aku. Oh aku excited nak mengaji sbb since matriks habis, malas nau nak mengaji. Ntah pape la aku ni. Sbb byk distraction kot. Kot la.

Observation drpd IG dan twitter, ramai org keluar harini. Tmpt shopping and makan ramai gila orang. Well, aku pishang menanti keberangkatan pulang ke Johor Bahru. Mungkin bila dh dkt Johor nanti baru terasa mood puasa tu. In sha Allah.

Woke up kinda late today, scrolling timeline je kerja aku. Haihh.  Should kemas bilik now. Do something yg mengisi masa lapang ni.

Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims. Semoga ramadhan kali ini mempunyai ra…

I turned 20!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Thankful and the mini celebration I had was so much fun. Alhamdulillah! I dont get to blog about my brthday celeb straight away after June 23rd because I had to sew all those manik and send them off to the boutique. Got my payment today and ya Allah lega nak mampss okays... habis dah menjahit.
Well, lets rave about June 23rd.
Had breakfast at La Bodega. Went to Lorong 7. Had fun wall climbing at Camp 5. First time aku pergi karaoke (serius beb ni cite betul).
Every year, the celebration would be different. The people who were there with me throughout the whole celebration would be different. The surprises, the cake, the wishes, the excitement at 12am, all felt differently every year. 
I lost a lot of people this year that only by an apology (perhaps) will I get back what was once belong to me. So, this year celebration wasn't perfect but.. it was complete. I had a best friend who stayed by my side throughout the whole day which made me shed tears each time…

Sedih Tak Pasal?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Aku tak tahu aku sorang je ke ataupun orang lain pernah kena benda ni. Sometimes kau fikir sangat about something, lepastu kau sedih sendiri. In my case, well... the phone will be ignored. Aku ada penyakit ni drpd sekolah. Bersalah dkt kwn2, but I cant help it, mesti buat. 
At this moment, aku banyak rindu orang and it kinda kills me because my ego wont subside. I dont think I can think straight hahaha. I kinda need someone to talk to. A guy. Or my mom. Idk.
I asked myself apa aku nak buat 23 Jun ni? Putrajaya, balloons, chocolates, strolling around, alone. Kesian siaa semua alone hahaha. Idk why Putrjaya, but for sure tak dapat kot pergi sana 23 Jun ni. Sapa nak melayan aku -.- Takda apa pun dkt sana, I just love being there, with the breezy wind and silence.
Btw, penat okay jahit manik dkt baju. Aku target nak hantar dlm masa 2 minggu ni. Annoying gila tengok baju2 ni dalam bilik. Seriously doh, aku nak membaca pun tk senang hati. Menjahit je lah kerja aku. …

Kereta Idamanku.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Deep inside, I like cars. I enjoy being on a long hours of roadtrip. I enjoy the feeling when the car accelerates. I enjoy looking at sexy cars on the road, with hopes that one day I'd drive one of my dream car too. Too bad, my parents and love wont allow me to drive (yet they allow me to travel abroad with friends. such irony -,-). However, dreams are unstoppable.

What a great website! (for a noob like me). Siap ada monthly payment. Allows me to berangan more. This is the evolution of my dream car.
at age 25, I shall own a Myvi. at age 32, I shall own a Golf GTi. at age 40-45, perhaps an Audi or Evoque.
Guys, I need strategy. Im not sure whether my dream is realistic or not hahahaha~ Website : LiveLifeDrive.

Have a nice day! Love,  Nisa. (the girl who rarely get to drive)

Final Exam Result Part 2. (Long Post)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Part 1 is here.
I am 5 days late from the actually day to update this but it's okay. So why do I need to update this on BOLD & SEPET? Does it really matter? Like anyone would care... Hahaha.. Anyway, it does matter to me. I write journals, I write things that happened in my life to help me get back to my root whenever I feel like Im losing my sanity :p
It was a typical day and surprisingly I felt nothing about getting my final cgpa. Aku memang dah pasrah habis dah. As soon as I stepped out from the exam hall (esp for the last paper which marked the end of my life in KMS), I said to myself "let it be lah, kasi Allah settle je. move forward, korea is waiting". HAHAHA!
Hehhh. So much of pasrah la nisa...
But seriously guys, it was my final semester, I worked hardest, I have never worked that hard though I know I can hahaha. You know, the typical Malas disease. During midterm test, I had inadequate amount of sleep. …

Syurga Tempatmu Berehat.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I have restrained myself from being connected to anyone except my family for about 3 days. Sometimes your thoughts get too jumbled up and form a big chunk of misery inside you and you cant really control the stream of emotions gushing through yourself.

I also had bad dreams which annoyed me to the core because Im the type of psycho who remembers dreams almost vividly. I still remember the very same dream that I WILL get each time I catch fever esp when I was in kindergarten. I was at a funeral. Yup, the same dream every time. Annoying isnt it? It bothers me so much that sometimes, when I was doing something, I had a flashback of those bad dreams.
Well, dwelling on stuffs like that made my productivity distorted.  Moving on...
I'll be going to Masjid Negeri SA at fajr to pay my last respect to the ustaz that taught me how to recite the Quran properly. He passed away at 9.07pm June 9,2014. Shah Alam is mourning. I saw people wearing jubah and songkok etc in …


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I am in dire need of my username and password for photobucket :( So many pictures and memories were uploaded there wehhh. Sedih.

Final Exam Result Part 1.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Result matrix keluar harini. Officially, this would be the result that I will use to apply for UPU. Daunting isnt it? Im about to fill up that tedious form of UPU for my bachelor studies. Honestly, I still dunno what to enroll for degree. Not sure which is better. Im so in misery right now. Somehow I feel like paying someone to fill that up for me hahaha.
I hope Im just gonna be tenanggg.