Kereta Idamanku.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Deep inside, I like cars. I enjoy being on a long hours of roadtrip. I enjoy the feeling when the car accelerates. I enjoy looking at sexy cars on the road, with hopes that one day I'd drive one of my dream car too. Too bad, my parents and love wont allow me to drive (yet they allow me to travel abroad with friends. such irony -,-). However, dreams are unstoppable.

What a great website! (for a noob like me). Siap ada monthly payment. Allows me to berangan more. This is the evolution of my dream car.

at age 25, I shall own a Myvi.
at age 32, I shall own a Golf GTi.
at age 40-45, perhaps an Audi or Evoque.

Guys, I need strategy. Im not sure whether my dream is realistic or not hahahaha~
Website : LiveLifeDrive.

Have a nice day!
Nisa. (the girl who rarely get to drive)


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