Dry Lavenders For Anis Najiha!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

the vase kept tumbang terbalik, I went nuts -.-

the hipster angle and my utterly cute DOMO socks 

haiyoh, so cantik...

eh baru sedar, termatching plak dgn baju haha!

 Anis Najiha is my co-boss when I was working at ML. She is also my high school friend, so I thought of buying her dry lavenders during my recent trip to Cameron Highlands in appreciation of her thoughtful effort of giving me the chance to work at ML and actually managed to fund my trip to Korea, last May. Alhamdulillah. Decorated the whole simple bouquet and reallyyyyy hope that she would like it! Hehehe sorry for such delay, Anis! I was supposed to give this present earrrrrlier.

(Am so proud with myself bcz I made that yellow thank-you-and-Eid card by myself. Fuh!)

Memberi sesuatu yg tak pernah kau beri pada orang barangkali akan mengajar kau utk lebih memberi. Kerana apa? Kerana yg jarang sekali berlaku itu selalunya yang melekat dlm otak dan terpahat di hati. Ewahh!

Have a nice day!
P/S : pictures taken with Canon 450d.


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