بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(Jgn ckp aku tak warn)

These people are my schoolmates and fuhh, I had a good time with these gems! 6 years or so of friendship and still counting! Some where my classmates since my first day in Shah Alam (2008). I think that this friendship is amazing. Why? Bcz most people I met after school, they rarely keep in touch with MOST of their school friends but, yup, to my surprise, we all still keep in touch, lepak while we still have free time and yadayada!

Of course few things change and to gather everyone in one event is a bit tedious especially when it's raya season bcz people are busy with family. But we made it through despite the raya feverrrr!

Location : Murni, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

kalau tak shaking gmbr ni kan cantik -.-

I SUPERRRRRR LOVE PICTURES OF THE 3 OF US! Mcm dkt Columbia Cambodia hehehehe

oh I get excited all the time, sorry hihihi

love love loveeee this picture too!

with Muiz the Columbia :p

Love this shot by Edzrie!

Them boys..

Abang Malaypretty met Abang Plaids hahaha

them boys againnn

my kinda gemsss!

Drpd tak jd iftar dgn dorang sbb Im broke, kemudian Edzrie kata "takpa, this time. on me. post birthday belanja" hahahaha bestnya ada best friend camniiiii. 

I learnt that the only thing that can make everyone gathers at the same time is when each of us receive a wedding card from either one of us...... and.... perhaps, funeral. But to gather this amount of people at the same time is wonderfullll! Meriah sgt table tadi! Rasa nk order everything sbb Murni mmg power sedap!

It was a freaking throwback session ah hahaha. One of the epic throwback was.... "aku ada dua telinga yg boleh dgr satu benda je" :'D why? sbb selalu bila ktorg duduk ramai camni, semua org bercakap. Aku tgh dgr si polan ckp, lpstu si polan yg lain masuk line nk ckp gak and I be like "eh gila, aku ada 2 telinga yg blh dgr satu benda je".

Oh lagi satu, I sometimes be like "oh bab...." as in melatah......
My damn trademark like a champion hahaha.

yg 3 org tu tk reti tgk camera. punya tebal muka aku amek gmbr ni sbb it was sea of people around aku sbnrnya -.-


Happy facessss!

Air dgn foods dh hbs, org lain dh balik, ktorg duduk lg situ :p (dont worry, dh siap maghrib dh)

and then Baim came too! 

best friend is not amused. ok..... 

muka anak cina doh baim ni -.- (dia lg cina doh) 

dpn rmh Muiz bersama dua lelaki yg tgh cari brg sendiri yg hilang at the same time. they were freaking out, so I had to snap a picture hahahaha they just proved to me why men need a woman in their life to get organized :p

and then we (Muiz, Edzrie and I) went to Puncak Alam after waiting for Muiz to pack his raya stuffs (his future wife should be proud to see him at that time hahaha he packed everything like a pro, he even pack and shop stuffs from IKEA as his mother told him to, I rarely see that in boys around my age. Hello, aku pun tak cam dia k LOL), sent off Muiz to his Aunt's place and we went back to Shah Alam.

Fuh, what a day!

School days at Shah Alam were powerful and sentimental to me. Through ups and downs, heartbreak after another, I am partially the old me, bcz few things never change though. Im still trying to appreciate people who are still in my life despite so many lost before. 

Alhamdulillah for what I learnt today :)

Dlm hidup, tak semua persoalan Allah sertakan dgn jawapan, 
tapi Allah sertakan hikmah :)

Have a nice day!


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