Why Random Surprise Always Got Me Like "Awwwwwwww!!"...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

oh my finger....

Last weekend, I went to MPH and was whining about the price of TFIOS to Udin (my lil bro). Today, just after we had our sahur, I was so engrossed with Youtube when he came to me and gave me The Fault In Our Star novel!!!!


and the kakak get too excited hahahaha! Nope, he didnt buy the novel but he borrowed it from his friend. Ah man, terharu gila. Ah please, if you know my brothers, you would be surprised -___- 

I got superrrrrr excited! Hahahaha sweet la sehh adik aku ni. Random surprise pada waktu yg tak dijangka ni mmg subhanaAllah amazing sgt feeling nya dlm hati aku. Rasa dihargai sbb org ingat apa aku duk meroyan pastu they get it for me, by any mean, any legal way. Stunning isn't it??

Im so gonna sleep with this novel!

You would never know who would make effort just for you, be it in silence or with your acknowledgement. Appreciate before He take away everything!

Have a nice day!


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