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Home Alone.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Hi everyone! Im currently at home alone. Half of my housemates are having induction program, the other half went for a little escapism to Jasin. Can't join them though because I had to help to decorate our floor front board with other house chiefs and also had to settle down my online business website with my groupmate. A4-5 is currently sooooo quiet except that I hear my double S girls, Syakirah n Rasyidah via Skype and whatsapp. Teringat ketenangan dkt rumah Shah Alam... hahaha!
Picture below is captured after the first time I finished a full class schedule of the week, hari khamis yg jadual packed mcm dkt matrics. Yup, I have no class on friday which is a blessing from Allah hehehe. 

So, I have attended all classes for all subjects and wowwwww there's a lot to catch up *nangis dlm selimut*. Business law and Accounts terutamanya. Nganga beb dlm kelas. Okay, Law boleh hadam sikit la. Skrg tgh Contract Law. Tapi Accounts satu hape beb tk faham. Accrual…

How's UiTM MCC??

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
First of all, thank you Allah for these awesome Shah Alam friends I have here in Melaka. I can't stop thanking Allah for this because Allah je tahu how these people made me feel at home and how they helped me to settle down. Thank you Ibrahim for the portable WiFi that you lent to me, hence making it easier for me to do my first ever degree assignment (aku kena buat website for subject IT in Business, MGT417). Also making it easier for me to update my blog. Do you understand how internet makes me happy????
Today or may I say this week is an official start of my degree life, full with classes, no outside event like what we had last week. I noticed new things like our timetable WILL change few times in a week and there's nobody to inform it to us unless we climb upstairs and take a look at our new updated timetable stamped on Pn Afzan's door. You know what??? Aku takda kelas hari Jumaat! Allah mmg awesome! Alhamdulillah. But for now, I need to settle…

Melaka Mates

[Via apps]Bismillah..Hari isnin malam(15Aug) was a weird night sbb dulu zaman matrics, curfew pukul 7pm, so terbiasa dah and that night, Ibrahim the bff ajak pegi makan. Went back to college around 11.40pm which exceeded the curfew at 11pm. So freaking weird ah the feeling. Takda sapa tahan aku dkt pagar that night. Alhamdulillah. Hehe nice record eh nisa, class belum start dah break the rules. Oh sorry lupa plak nak kata ini cerita budak matrics sambung degree yg tak boleh move on lg dgn rutin matrics.Smlm cuti Hari Malaysia. So, Aizzat, his gf named Ana, Aliah, Hairul and Baim were with me all day long. Sehari berjalan sakan seh. KBM > Lendu > UTeM Induk > MP and DP > Klebang > UTeM. Sakan gila woi. Kelas belum start dah merata aku jalan T_T indeed, degree life is freedom. Minus the coursework, exam and presentation. I also happened to have a dua-pupu here named Kak Salwani who is Ayah's cousin's daughter. She's in her final year doing IB too! Gonna ask ti…

Escapism to JB

[Updated via apps]Fokus adalah utk teman Syahirah Amri beli camera dan ke JB Book Fest. Aku lupa ada Edora, Nurul and Ecah dkt JB ni hahaha. Stayed at UTM with Edora and Nurul (cousin). Went to Mak Pah's and had awesome dinner! Nurul drove us everywhere! Nasib Nani called and said dia dkt JB. UTM dgn rumah dia dkt! Ecah pulak jauh and tak teringat Poli dah dkt dah dgn rumah Mak Pah. It's okay, rezeki takda.Akhirnya aku merasa jalan-jalan JB dgn berkat keizinan Yang Mana Esa dan kereta Nurul yg berjasa. I was stupefied with all the tremendous changes of Johor Bahru. Sedih gak Komtar dgn Kotaraya tu dah jd lain. Those malls used to be my childhood Pavillion/Mid Valley when our family still lived in JB.
Nurul took me for a little tour around UTM and if was indeed unlike UiTM KBM. So freaking huge and yup, I began to realize that life in university is a total freedom. Kalau leka mmg we ended up jd sampah. Jgn risau, kita semua ada kuasa utk kawal diri.Though it was just a trip to …

MPS UiTM Melaka Kampus Bandaraya

Yup, not Minggu Destini Siswa (MDS) but Minggu Pemantapan Siswa (MPS).
Day 1 -Sept 6.
Syukur pd Allah. Alhamdulillah.
Daftar kolej went smoothly.
Dpt tingkat 4.
Bilik aku ada 1 double decker,
1 single.
Aku double decker bawah.
Roommate nama Ika, bdk Wangsa Maju.  Fasi semua ok, bkn jenis pekik jerit.  Problem of today is to hide that I am 20 but failed  bcz ada junior KMS dkt sini. Mostly juniors buat masa ni.
Segala pujian utk Allah, aku ada Mak Ayah utk teman aku harini.
Plg comel masa dorg nak balik, salam ayah, dia usap kepala aku.  Salam Mak, pastu dia kata "eh cium sikit, cium sikit" and  I saw her face turn reddish and her eyes moist :')
Mak Ayah,
I'm gonna be okay here, trust me okay? :) O Allah, jaga Mak Ayah utk aku ya..
Mak ayah tanya next week balik ke? Hahahaha woi mmg tak.  Aku bg jwpn "I'm giving weeks to myself dkt sini utk cari jiwa and cope.  Kalau balik awal sgt nnti Anis tk kuat. 2-3minggu or a month lg Anis balik in sha Allah". T…

Esok is The Day!

[Updated via apps]Bismillah..Esok is the day, guys. No, it's actually today because it's already Aug 6. Haha! I'm going to UiTM Kampus Bandar Melaka for the registration day, Minggu Destini Siswa (orientation week/7-11 Aug) and the rest of my upcoming 3years degree in International Business  there (maybe).Alhamdulillah because Allah granted my wish to extend the remaining hari bermalasan. Truly grateful. 5 days meant so much to me.I'm not sure of my feelings for tomorrow but I am sleepy now (12.45am). Dont worry, I'll sleep this time :) I hope things will go smoothly tomorrow. Life goes on. This is what I want though. I shouldn't complaint. I hope I'll do better this time despite the unfamiliar concepts of business. New things are always fun to learn! Mcm makanan baru yg kita tk sabar nak rasa!Maybe at this point I am missing one of my reader here. Not sure whether that person is reading this post or not. Maybe that explains why I'm not sure of my feeli…

Kolej Tun Mutahir, UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Pictures taken using Lenovo A516 and Samsung S2.
We went to check on Kolej Tun Mutahir after we knew that the registration was postponed to Aug 6. It's a 10-storey apartment, 5-10mins walk to the campus. The apartment was empty because they are installing the new facilities at this moment. The condition wasn't really clean, I was quite intimidated and I hope they'll clean it up (ko pikir ko princess ke nisa??)
Just a little tour before this becomes my second home.

Hari Pendaftaran Ditangguh Dan Pengajaran Disebaliknya.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
It was written in the offer letter that the registration day would be on the 1st september and so after sleepless nights of rechecking again and again, we're off to Melaka at 7am, yesterday (Aug 1). It was weird because as we arrived, the campus wasn't packed with people. There were cars but not as much as we expect it to be. Even the main door of the campus were locked intact.
I could see few families waiting. Oh so I thought UiTM was just a bit late kot. Few minutes after waiting, we saw few cars left the campus and making us felt more weird. There was  a UiTM staff and Ayah approached him.
He told us that the registration day was postponed to Aug 6, saturday!!!!
He also told us that UiTM has informed us, the upcoming students, via text or we have to check the campus website by ourselves. Gila. There was no notice at all about checking the campus website. They should have made an announcement at the Portal Kemasukan Pelajar to check …

Nak Cuti Lagi Please???

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
I'll be going to Melaka at 6am today and it's 2.30am now but Im still wide awake. Not that I am not sleepy, I am, but mann, I love my blog, I gotta update it hahaha. It has been super tiring days dan aku lagi sikit nak demam sebab with so many people to attend and stuffs to settle, I hardly sleep. Packing early isn't my thing but it's okay everything is done now. I hope I won't face any hindrance for tomorrow. 
I just can not lah... each last lepak session before starting off degree has been more like a mari-dgr-nisa-merungut kinda lepak hahaha I just can not accept the fact that I need to register and say goodbye to my longgg break. Ah, goodbyes suck. 
I thanked Allah for the help that I got from my friends, through whatsapp and lepak. So freaking many tips, they just coaxed me to skip the orientation week -_- Gonna be Melaka peep after this with Hairul, Aizzat, Baim and Aliah. Dh plan baik punya nak sewa ker…