Mcm Mana Nak Nangis???

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Unlike few years ago, I havent been blogging quite honestly here. Neither did I post something so deep that it depicts what is really going on in my life nor giving hints that my life is at its worst, in this blog of mine. True enough, life is unpredictable. Sometimes it hits you brick-hard, shattered your staunchest strength, sometimes it's like the cozy wind that soothes you.

I, like many other people, cry when life is testing my strength. But throughout these few months back, I developed a habit to ignore the wreckage that is haunting me, or in other words, I put aside any hard feelings or sadness. I put aside to become immune and I am immune.

Malangnya, watak teater Bukan Salahku memerlukan aku utk meraung menangis sedih meratapi pemergian kawan baiknya. Im so freaking stuck with that scene.

I. Can. Not. Shed. A. Single. Teardrop. 

...and I kid you not.

I had phase in life whereby something happened and even the smallest thing can make me weep, but these days? God. Tears, where you go.... I need you. Yesterday was epic when I tried to rehearse that epic grief-stricken scene. Meraung je ada, air mata takda. What the?? Hahahaha. 

Aku kena cari cara nak nangis. Kena!
Ya Allah, now that crying is a tough-to-do thing, 
does that mean I can never tolerate the history that hurt me?

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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