My Aurat Is My Rights.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
I am not perfect nor am I a rigidly practicing Muslim.
I decided to challenge myself to properly covered my aurat 3 years ago, after school ended.
It was my decision alone. No force from anyone.
I am a city girl.
I wasn't a properly covered girl before, but I did try my best.

Not that I am very perfectly covered today, bcz I am, still trying.
You might be in the same situation like me.

When people question/utter,
"pakai handsocks nak gi mana? driving?"
"mcm ninja seh handsocks"
"kenapa tak bukak stokin? kan masuk rumah dah ni?"
"kenapa pakai stokin? nak pegi cafe je kan?"
"kenapa pakai stokin? tak basah ke? hujan ni.."

Oh yes, I get it.
I get it that hidayah doesn't turun to everyone.
Some get it late, some never get it.
I got it 18 years after I was born.
I fathom it, struggle with it.
I've been there, I was once a girl who never like the idea of wearing tudung.
I like my hair flowing sideways for the world to see.
It's like my crown. Im proud.
I understand what it's like to not wear tudung. Liberation.

But years passed by and perhaps He didn't want me to continue jd bangkai.
Bangkai = merely exist but dysfunctional
I began reading stuffs and asking a lot.
Prayed to Him to give me guidance because menutup aurat is freaking tough for me..

True enough, each progress in life requires knowledge.
By knowledge I fathom why Allah has asked us to cover up.

Memandang seorang wanita menutup aurat sempurna tu melahirkan satu perasaan yg berbeza.
Aku rasa malu bila be around those yg well covered but yet cool and selamba.
Dorang so soft and gentle. So pretty in tudung labuh. Yet can still be active.
It made me wonders, kenapa wanita menyusahkan diri sendiri dgn tak menutup aurat?

We think melabuhkan tudung ke dada is tedious and tak style mcm dina tokio,
but labuhnya tudung ke dada tu utk lindung dada drpd jd bahan free show lelaki.
Oh God, kenapa la aku tk terfikir benda ni dulu -.-

I met few guys who admit dorang jd segan bila ada perempuan tudung labuh.
Pndg sekali je lepastu dorang rasa hormat.

Women, you do want to feel protected and honored, don't you?
We asked guys to respect us, treat us well but have we treated ourselves well?
How is treating ourselves well? I must admit that I was so stupid before I misinterpret it.
I thought fancy clothes and getting hair done etc are treating myself well. I was wrong, so freaking wrong hahaha noob gila woi.

I had a guy friend when I was in matrics who said "aku segan nak tegur kau masa awal dulu sbb tu... *sambil pointing handsocks aku*".
Aku bantai gelak. Hahahaha!

Aku kata "apabenda kau ni.."
Dia kata "takut kau mcm alim-alim tak ckp dgn lelaki"
Aku balas "mengarut. aku perempuan normal la"

Those girls who covered well are normal girls.
I am one of those girls. We choose to cover up because we understand the reasons behind it.
Not that those who havent cover up yet dont understand the reason but yess, hidayah comes by the will of Allah.

Maybe you, the one who is reading this, are one of the girls who struggle to cover your aurat.
It's okay, dont stop!

You will have your own family laughing at you.
You friends questioning.
People staring and being skeptical
Boyfriend pun lari kot haha.

But oh please, stand firm with your stance and knowledge.
Allah will guide you. Just stand to the reasons why Allah ordered us such obligation.

When people violate your rights to tutup aurat, defend yourself politely. Say nice things.
Smile and just smile if you can't explain because you're afraid you'll offend them.
I did that when a non-hijabis girl asked, I just smile.

Joining theater was a bit of a challenge for me as a beginner.
I hope by protecting my rights, my passion and curiosity for dunia pementasan teater won't fade out.
I hope Allah will make ease of our journey.

Wahai lelaki,
dunia dah nak kiamat, lead your ladies well.
Equip yourself with knowledge so us the ladies will follow you guys as our imam.
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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