Gala Night IBUC!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

As I enrolled International Business for my degree, I am opt to be a part of International Business Unity Club (IBUC) member till the end of my study here in UiTM Melaka City Campus.

On Dec 13th, A Gala Night was held at Holiday Inn, Bandar Melaka and well, I must admit that it was so satisfying! The food, the crowd, the performances. Alhamdulillah, we're blessed. I felt like paying RM55 for such event is worthy. The hall was stunning. It was just a moderately big-sized hall, but it felt lively. 

Oh please ask what I ate haha because I ate everything except kuih. Spaghetti carbonara, lamb, sweet sour fish fillet, black pepper chicken, white rice. mushroom soup, bread, fruits and a lot of fruits haha. It was superbly goodddd. Ok, terliur.. 

these 2 girls can never let me go :p my housemates, roommates, classmates!

so called ootn :p

too bad this pic with my classmates who came for the dinner is blurry..

nothing but oh-i-looked-like-a-hijabista picture lol hahaha

with huda and hajar

went solo that night, no partner ^.^

firdaus and his angels hahaha

i dont really know how to strike a pose......

the girls and my fabulous expression!


mak ngah yg merah. eh. hahaha!

oh nothing again, just my hijabista candid shot lol hahahaha

take that! yr nightmare hahaha. I did the make up on my own for the freaking first time. overdid my brows, i know. but you know, having the confidence to try out is better than just looking at others, inspired to be pretty but do nothing. 

kak wani, my cousin jauh who is a final year IB student slash hijabista slash my fashion guru hahaha she cheated by wearing heels ok -_-"
oh the foods, amahhhhzinggggg!

I miss the foods solely! Hahaha :p

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Anonymous said…
woooooaaaahh cunnye hakak ni..yeay nesa makeup..!!!haha..-ikakefli

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