بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

If I were to look forward, I am not very sure of what I should do with this piece of degree scroll in International Business. Perhaps I am not very well exposed with the career that I can grab other than starting a business (whats the point of taking a degree in biz anyway?).

I do have few future plans in my doodle book and brain. Some of it went mental like ditching UiTM and go for degree in broadcasting at LimKokWing instead. But you see, the problem here is money. The biggest reason why I am still sane doing this degree in IB is because of the cheap fees (Well, we're among the cheapest though). Allah bless UiTM!

Certainly, I am not a big fan of learning business. Well this is quite honest, isnt it? Hahaha. Semester 1 has ended and I realized that I am not a fan of what I am doing now. BUT all the syllabus is still bearable because I always have a settings in my mind that learning this field is more bearable than doing a degree in science field such as engineering, so yeah, I can survive doing IB.

But yeah, it is just bearable. I am not a big fan here means it is not something I do with passion. Oh boy, I need to stop this. Finding my passion is alone hard to accomplish. Hahahaha. 

You see, giving excuse that you tak minat this stuff isn't a valid reason for you to quit it directly. Just give another one best shot. At least, that's what I told myself this time. Well yeah, forcing myself. How can I survive? One word, that is, gratitude.

I shall be grateful for I have the chance to continue my study in degree level. I shall be grateful that despite the so much failures before, I am still here, a student with so many opportunities. I shall be grateful that at least my parents can tarik nafas lega because I am qualified for degree level.

Sometimes we forgot those who aren't blessed with good things that we have now. We forgot and we feel despair for what we have now, while actually what we have now is a real blessing. 

The next time you feel dreadful with the course that you are doing now, think about all the other things in the past that you have survived. If you can survive those shits, you sure can survive the upcoming ones. It's gonna be rocky road but always put the best effort and leave the rest to Allah.

It is time for us to leave it to Allah, guys. We really need to stop worrying (oh you should be worried if you are still main-main, attitude still barai etc).

let's guys, tawakal to Allah. Return back to Him always. May Allah forgive us all. Astaghfirullah. I am writing this because I feel a bit dreadful to work extra hard next semester to get my cgpa back on track. I am not sure whether I can pull it this time, but Allahurabbi, I need to slap myself lah -.-" 

Bear this commitment nisa. Don't run away, you brat.

P/S : thank you for the overwhelming support that I received from you guys, much appreciated. doakan aku masih tabah ok! Allahuakbar ;)

Thank you for reading! 
Have a nice day! ♥


Anonymous said…
ni bukan gambar hari koperasi ke
Nesayang said…
anonymous : haah :)
Anonymous said…
Teringat kat siapa?
Nesayang said…
Anonymous : soalan ni random ke ada kaitan dgn post ni? hahaha sorry tk fhm
Anonymous said…
Go figure hewhew
Nesayang said…
anonymous : eh eh dia ni

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