Sightseeing In Pahang.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Temerloh signboard dkt blkg tu tinggal half je sbb yg half ke bawah tu rabak masa banjir haritu. Tinggi rupanya air banjir T_T

ni dlm galeri dkt hotel, sempat lg wefie.

I just realized that the last trip with my family was a trip to Cameron Highlands last year which I failed miserably to make a post about it hahaha. Also, I realized how much I am more prone to have pictures of my friends rather than my family, that depicts that I hang out more with my friends  hahaha. Ini lah dia jadi sorang puteri dlm family dan tak reti duduk diam. Keluar memanjang dgn kawan.

Yes, my parents mmg the coolest when giving me the permission to hang out or travel with friends. I know I am fully blessed but mind you, they do nag. A lot. Hahaha. But they never abstain me from exploring the world. It is just me who (kadang-kadang) came home late. Lupa diri. Biasa lah hahaha.

Went to Pahang for CNY. Just a very short sightseeing with my family while Ayah drove us. Checked in to hotel, bought snacks, watched TV while eating snacks, had fancy seafood dinner at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai (which is just moderately good), went back to our room, watched TV again, slept. Woke up the next morning, swam at the pool, breakfast, checked out, fancy seafood lunch and went back to Shah Alam. Basically, this short trip is just for the sake of makan. Gosh!

I assumed my parents enjoyed going for this short trip at other states for the sake of foods haha. Thanked Allah that we are all in good health, alhamdulillah. Oh I also got the chance to see the flood aftermath in Temerloh. Mindblowing! Syukur alhamdulillah everything is recovering now. 

I realized that I am blessed for my parents are still at their best health for they can still roam and travel and drive us everywhere. They are in fact more active than us the siblings. Hahaha. Jalan every weekend is so them. I guess I inherited that. Impressed that Ayah still able to drive for long hours and Mak can walk for hours too. I realized all these will soon meet an end. They are getting older and sooner, we the siblings will see them in their old ages, not as active as now and our hearts would wrench. 

So I am taking this chance to ajak you guys look at your own parents' face which is getting older day by day, look into their eyes and realized how much lethargy they had to go through all their lives just to ensure we get the best. Aduhai.

I know we play a lot, we are learning as young adults. I hope Allah will protect us all from doing harm or the harm itself. I hope we get the chance to make our parents lega and puas hati. Congratulations to my fellow readers who have made their parents proud of them whether academically or in any other aspects. You guys are doing good. Send your prayers to me so that I'll follow your pace. InsyaAllah. Aaaminn.

I am fixing whatever needed a fix, pronto!

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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