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My logical reasoning kononnya.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
It's 3am and my class would be at 3-4pm esok, so Im in the mood of blogging and umm... particularly this topic right now hahaha. Oh please, at this age, I can talk about anything as long as Im still rational with it. Okay, proceed... 
to me, a girl (me secara khususnya) should NOT talk/dream/plan about marriage unless if she is :able to cookable to iron baju fast and perfectlyable to retain baju putih's colourable to ensure katil, locker, toilet, wardrobe, bwh katil all sentiasa bersihable to ensure that dapur all the time clean and flawlessable to mingle with makcik2 aka org tuaable to dukung baby and feed babyable to mengaji fluently dgn tartil beserta tajwid masteryable to make volunteer work to approach societysoft at heart, firm and rigid on the outsideable to give friendly tazkirah to lil kidsable to explain basic essential things about islamusaha tak tinggal solateducated (dont care lah in any field…

Meet those eyes.

those eyes, were the highlight of my day. they were simply the reason my fudged up feeling got untangled really easily. i stared at those eyes and felt something gushing in.
is this the upcoming pain? quit staring at mine. your conflicted gesture kills. you are unpredictable soul, indeed.
i felt the pain gushing in, im keeping distant. but that smile though, keep pulling me back to that conflicted uncertain area.

WEEK 3 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Last week was so-so. Nothing much is interesting except for certain things. I had the chance to go back to Johor, the place I was born and raised for 13 years. Got to see how the city of Johor was decorated so beautifully for Sultan Johor's coronation. I feel proud strolling aroung the city, esp by having my family with me. 
We went back to our former house. The house I used to live and spent my childhood at. Those days when life was simpler, when we aren't as lavish as now. Not that we are currently freakin lavish, but I do admit, life has been pampering me since we moved to Shah Alam back at the end of 2007.
It somehow made me sad. How I have changed, how things changed. How money changed people, how life does hurt you by seeing things you just cant alter it anymore.
I sat with my handsome (tak leh puji lebih, bahaya haha) senior for lunch last tuesday when he advised me and got me like ughhh where am I. I am so fudged up last semester. Dasar pemalas…

I talked about love Part 2.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Oh yes, Adam aku tak short-list kan sebab well... dia kan tak wujud, (if you read my previousss posts). So, ini je lah jejaka-jejaka yg pernah wujud dlm hati aku. (Tipu) HAHAHAHA. Ada la dulu masa aku form 2, aku minat nak mati dgn senior ni named F. Si F ni mmg tahu la aku minat dkt dia. Aku rasa time tu last aku minat gila dkt seorang lelaki. Ewah. Sbb F tu tak minat dkt aku balik (wtf statement ni hahaha), and dia suka senior lain yg super hot and dorg rapat. So aku back off. Perit siot.
 Tu last lah aku minat dtk lelaki. I mean, I started everything. The first text etc.  Apesal aku tak fight utk win hati F? Boleh je tapi masalahnya akak tu hot gila, aku still aku, very the simple one, no fame, nothing. Plus, cukup dah kot aku yg started everything, if F taknak, aku dah patut back off dah hahaha. Sbb in this cliche society, bila girls yg bukak step, there's pandangan sinis. Aku pun tak blh disagree benda …

I talked about love Part 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
I was lost in the field of love (with a real physical guy who actually exist hahaha) 5 times before this. Oh please dont judge, we all do stupid things when we were young. cewah. Just sharing things i have learnt :
First guy. Things I learnt : - muda lagi, jgn bodoh sgt.
2nd guy. Things I learnt :  - moving on is a choice, it's do-able - i better start knowing my worth as a muslimah - if someone cares for you, care for them, dont keep them waiting - but dont do it, dont force yourself if you cant - speak up, nicely. - remember your limitation - even if he cheats on you, keep calm, slow talk - meeting up everyday could be boring and dull - dont fall in love too hard, it hurts when it has to end.
3rd guy. Things I learnt : - some things dont deserve your sacrifice - be true to yourself - texting 24/7 is unrealistic and tiring - dont give in to people who has no respect for you, esp boys - certain ppl will degrade you, keep calm, you are mentally strong - rea…

I have been a quitter.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Kalau kau kenal aku dgn rapat, kau probably tahu yang aku quit/ditch/terminate byk benda these days. Mak kata "awak taknak bertanggungjawab". I can not argue with her because technically everything she said is right hahaha well, mak kita kan. Bagi lah dorang menang.
Some of benda yang aku cancel/ditch ni is somehow could be a big part of hidup aku. Tapi aku quit. Firstly sebab komitmen. I can't seemed to give commitment. Which technically, like Mak said, taknak bertanggungjawab. Well, I said, aku malas mencuba these days. Belum papehal dah quit. Or perhaps I think too much or too far or too realistic.
Idk. I think I went haywire these days without even realizing!! I thought I am totally fine but nooo. Perhaps I was intimidated to be occupied with other than my classes, assignments and studies, hence I quit to avoid the overload of stuffs to plan and accomplish within a semester. Oh this sucks big time.
Eleh, I haven't been productive pun this…

Bahasa Inggeris.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Haritu, aku takdak kelaih dah lepaih pukui 11am. Pi lepak sat dgn member. Pastu balik nun, hujan lebat. Aku duk sorang dkt ruang tamu ni, ada org ketuk pintu. Aku pi bukak. Ada la member ni baru balik..
Aku tanya, "eh, baru balik? gi mana?"
Dia jawab, "kelas english, saya repeat. awak kena tolong saya, nisa"
Tenung dia penat mengharung hujan dgn segala barang yg dia pgg tu, hati aku remuk doh. Last sem aku tgk cemana dia struggle utk english. Nota dia penuh translation. Bersalah pun ada gak. Aku pass dah, member ni tertinggal blkg. Demmm, pasaipa aku tk nmpk benda ni.
Kadang2 aku rasa I better off jadi cikgu english dkt sekolah rendah je, memang lah tak fancy, gaji takda la 5 angka, tapi puas. Puas dpt bg anak orang pandai bahasa penjajah ni hahahaha.
------------------------- Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥

WEEK 2 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Kelajuan masa minggu ni agak melampau sikit pada aku. Sekejap je dah jumaat. Week 2 ni aku dh cipta rekod ponteng satu hari direct. Peh, aku ni mmg selamba bab ponteng. Kalau aku jd lecturer, aku nak kata dkt students aku "hangpa nak ponteng kelaih aku, buat la, aku takdak nak bebel. tapi hangpa tk capai target aku, tgk la aku suh hangpa cuci jamban nohh" hahahaha coolest lecturer ever.
Aku pegi Aeon sorang, tgk Cinderella masa ponteng tu. Like a boss. 
This is degree life. Total liberation. Very dangerous. Kalau lah anisah skrg adalah anisah yg 6 tahun dulu, mampus hanyut aku ni. Lagi pulak kalau (aaminn ya Allah) ada kereta sendiri. Peh, mmg weekend je dari JB smpai Penang aku touring. Dasar risk taker tak bertempat. Hahaha!
Anyway, minggu ni dah mula brainstorm utk sketsa masa AKRAB 3.0 nanti. AKRAB ni apabenda pun aku tak leh nk habaq. It's like pengenalan kelab2 yg ada dkt kampus kpd students lah. Gitu katanya. Aku tolong budak KWB (Kelab Wa…

WEEK 1 / SEM 2 Degree Life

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Masa aku dekat matriks dulu, aku selalu buat entry dgn title camtu. sem 1 / week 9 yadayada. Lepastu bila dah hbs matriks, aku bukak balik dkt label Life in KMS, aku senyum sorang-ii. Laju masa berjalan, aku dah semester 2 for degree skrg ni. Walaupun last semester aku mcm tak pegi kelas je result examnya, tapi last semester aku happy dan belajar utk byk kan bersyukur, walaupun dgn kekurangan.
Memang semester ni tugas aku adalah utk literally menghadirkan minda yg sedar ke kelas hahaha. Tengok lah mcm mana. Week 2 baru start belajar. Somehow aku bersyukur dgn segalanya yg aku sendiri tak boleh nak describe. Alhamdulillah.
Week 1, aku byk mereput je pegi kelas, gelak-ii dgn lecturer pastu balik. Assignment? Seciput je baru. Tu pun aku terlupa hahaha. Tapi alhamdulillah, semuanya aku cuba okay-kan, walaupun pemalas ya robbi nak belajar.

Kan best kalau setiap minggu camni, lepak relax takda test/quiz/kerja hahahaha.  Kepala hotak ko. Ingat ni tadika?