I have been a quitter.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Kalau kau kenal aku dgn rapat, kau probably tahu yang aku quit/ditch/terminate byk benda these days. Mak kata "awak taknak bertanggungjawab". I can not argue with her because technically everything she said is right hahaha well, mak kita kan. Bagi lah dorang menang.

Some of benda yang aku cancel/ditch ni is somehow could be a big part of hidup aku. Tapi aku quit. Firstly sebab komitmen. I can't seemed to give commitment. Which technically, like Mak said, taknak bertanggungjawab. Well, I said, aku malas mencuba these days. Belum papehal dah quit. Or perhaps I think too much or too far or too realistic.

Idk. I think I went haywire these days without even realizing!! I thought I am totally fine but nooo. Perhaps I was intimidated to be occupied with other than my classes, assignments and studies, hence I quit to avoid the overload of stuffs to plan and accomplish within a semester. Oh this sucks big time.

Eleh, I haven't been productive pun this semester.

But all these things happened and taught me to always fikir panjang before joining something or participate into anything which involve other people. Mak says I have to say NO when I needed to say it. Oh, as if it is that easy -.- but yeah, I need to be that lil anisah again who is blunt with her words. 

Kids, the next time in life, say NO when you cant run till the final checkpoint. Saying NO doesnt necessarily means that you arent capable. Saying NO means that you have to know your priorities, you know yourself and you know where or what field you can venture. Ability to say NO to yourself means you can manage yourself. Ability to say NO to people means you know what values more.

Good luck. Jgn jadi quitter cm aku.

Awal sem 1. Sayang bag KMS tu hahaha. (Gmbr hiasan)

P/S : Harini hari jadi ke-16 adik aku yg 2nd tu. 
Besar dh kitaorang adik beradik. 
Cepat masa berjalan.
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Gadis Canon said…
Pakai lagi beg kms? Hahahahaha lejen gila doh
Syahirah said…
I am a quitter too. I am sorry. (That sorry wasn't meant for you but I just feel sorry for myself *nangis*)
Nesayang said…
GC : last sem je pakai dik oi hahaha

Syhrh : lets quit being a quitter! :)

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