I talked about love Part 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

I was lost in the field of love (with a real physical guy who actually exist hahaha) 5 times before this. Oh please dont judge, we all do stupid things when we were young. cewah. Just sharing things i have learnt :

First guy.
Things I learnt :
- muda lagi, jgn bodoh sgt.

2nd guy.
Things I learnt : 
- moving on is a choice, it's do-able
- i better start knowing my worth as a muslimah
- if someone cares for you, care for them, dont keep them waiting
- but dont do it, dont force yourself if you cant
- speak up, nicely.
- remember your limitation
- even if he cheats on you, keep calm, slow talk
- meeting up everyday could be boring and dull
- dont fall in love too hard, it hurts when it has to end.

3rd guy.
Things I learnt :
- some things dont deserve your sacrifice
- be true to yourself
- texting 24/7 is unrealistic and tiring
- dont give in to people who has no respect for you, esp boys
- certain ppl will degrade you, keep calm, you are mentally strong
- real love lifts up your self-esteem
- have stance when it comes to love

4th guy.
Things I learnt :
- stick to your value as muslimah
- speak up when you disagree
- know your worth
- sometimes in life, you just need to tell people to respect you.
- you yourself need your own me-time

5th guy.
Things I learnt :
- voice things out, dont keep them in
- slow talk matters
- not everything that starts nicely, has perfect ending
- know yourself before falling in love
- people's feelings is important, dont juggle, be firm
- it is not love when you have to force yourself

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Anonymous said…
Is it necessary to post what have they done to u ? What if people talk about u in their blog ?
Nesayang said…
i think i know who you are :)

firstly, if ppl wanna talk about me their blog, that is their rights bcz that is their blog. therefore, i cant stop them.


i can. only if, the content harms my life and the people around me. nauzhubillah.

2nd, if you are one of my ex, lets take this post as a lesson for all of us --my readers and the both of us. take it from the positive side.

not all my readers know or remember who my exes are bcz it doesnt matter. life changed and we all have moved on, havent we?

i do understand the sensitivity of certain people, therefore i edited this post.

3rd, if you are not ex and you obviously sent this comment, i bet what i wrote has something to do with you, no? come on. chill the fudge down. we all move forward. these were in the past. move on, fella.

thanks for the reminder. God bless ya.
Nesayang said…
*3rd, if you are not MY ex.
Anonymous said…
Weh yg 3 tu i ke ? Hahaha that bad ke, sorry2 - manja 2011, hahahaha
Nesayang said…
anonymous : its okay, dah 4 tahun berlalu, sorry jugak

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