My logical reasoning kononnya.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 


It's 3am and my class would be at 3-4pm esok, so Im in the mood of blogging and umm... particularly this topic right now hahaha. Oh please, at this age, I can talk about anything as long as Im still rational with it. Okay, proceed... 

to me, a girl (me secara khususnya) should NOT talk/dream/plan about marriage unless if she is :
  1. able to cook
  2. able to iron baju fast and perfectly
  3. able to retain baju putih's colour
  4. able to ensure katil, locker, toilet, wardrobe, bwh katil all sentiasa bersih
  5. able to ensure that dapur all the time clean and flawless
  6. able to mingle with makcik2 aka org tua
  7. able to dukung baby and feed baby
  8. able to mengaji fluently dgn tartil beserta tajwid mastery
  9. able to make volunteer work to approach society
  10. soft at heart, firm and rigid on the outside
  11. able to give friendly tazkirah to lil kids
  12. able to explain basic essential things about islam
  13. usaha tak tinggal solat
  14. educated (dont care lah in any field, SPM ke dip ke degree ke PhD ke)
  15. able to tolerate with people
  16. a good friend to her friends (a good friend makes a good partner, you know)
  17. able to jahit
  18. able to do a bit of calculation
  19. able to know her limitation with boys
  20. able to stay loyal to only one man that is husband or future husband haha
  21. able to be humble despite having all the money in the world
  22. able to rewang (gotong royong sebelum kenduri like potong bawang berjemaah etc)
  23. able to bakeeeee (at least have either cooking or baking or sewing skill lah)
  24. have a bank acc for her saved up money
  25. lastly, dah ada calon.
Fuh, 25 benda nak kena update dekat diri ni :p

 trust me, i did try to bake. i failed.... miserably as you could see in this pic.
you cant even tell what i was 'baking', can you? that, my oh my, is a pavlova actually

Someone asked me what I looked for in a guy in order for him to be my life partner. So I thought I can spare some time and termenung fikir and list down. It felt weird listing this, idk why. Takut merepek nau list ni and demanding hahaha.
  1. someone who is humble enough to teach me what islam is.
  2. someone who would give me tazkirah in the most beautiful manner.
  3. someone who is strong enough to bear my brittleness.
  4. someone cool enough to withstand my extraordinary appetite.
  5. someone sweet enough to know that i do enjoy taking videos and jalan2
  6. someone who cari rezeki halal.
  7. someone loving enough that he enjoys and comfortable to be with kids (cz im not and he has to force me)
  8. someone who is mentally strong to assist me to see the beauty of life in the most simple lifestyle.
  9. someone who knows how to be imam solat and mengaji with tajwid mastery
  10. someone who secretly enjoy seeing me makan non stop.
  11. someone who would say just for once and i nodded agree with respect.
  12. someone whose smile is the logical reason that yesss my children will be that cute.
  13. someone humble who enjoys spreading kind gestures esp to those in need.
  14. someone fit who will drag me out of the bed and go hiking on weekends.
  15. someone who would literally pinch me for not waking up for subuh.
  16. someone who would be fair to his family, our family and in-laws family.
  17. someone who enjoys making others laugh.
  18. someone who flirts with solely me everyday hahahahaha
  19. someone helpful who wont treat me like mere bibik but a partner instead
  20. someone who can make my heart feel at ease just by looking at him, though from far.
  21. someone who has nothing but love, loyalty and hardwork.
*knock knock*
Adik-adik, a guy like this only exist in drama melayu hahahahahaha. Probably ada tapi suami/boyf orang, tak pun laki camni taknak dekat perempuan cam aku, so tak wujud lah senang cite ye. Mari kembali ke dunia realiti.

Above all, I just hope we all would realize that death is anytime and we should prepare for it. Jodoh is also anytime but let us control ourselves from being too heartbroken or too searching for it up to the point whereby kita tak leh beza dah priority.

I believe in doa. I believe Allah listens. I believe if I put Allah first, He would give me the best.

People say, best man wins. 

Thank you for reading! 
Have a nice day! ♥


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