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The end of midsem 2 break.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
So, aku betul-betul mcm tgh cuti sem ni. Dont give shit about assignment, letak je atas desk tapi tak sentuh. Jujur beb. What I've been doing? Oh well, wake up, scroll FB, go downstairs for something to eat, youtube all day. Youtube makes me happy, it keeps me sane hahahaha.
This semester we aren't "equipped" with study week. Yes, sucks. So it's crucial actually, but mehhh you gotta bertenang. As far as Im concerned, I have like 5 assignments that I need to settle down kot, malas recheck. Wow, shitloads of things, huh? Good luck, nisa! -__-"
Time was averagely fast for me. It was a bit slow for a few days and procrastination is tiring actually. Hahahaha. Gila. I can imagine the amount of sleep hours I will get after this. Also, the eyebags. Oh have fun, nisa! -__-"
I just found my mosssssst favourite snack which is Garrets macadamia caramel popcorn which is extraordinarily freakin superrr expensive (for me), that one in the pict…

What membersihkan bilik taught me..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Pertama sekali, ini bukan membuka pekung di dada tapi ini realiti yg semua org patut dah boleh terima dah. Tak semua gadis sekemas luaran nya, tak semua gadis ya. Jadi, jgn ingat yg muka cun, baju iron tajam, tudung kemas takdak herot berot, bilik kami-depa (aku serba salah, nak guna which one pun aku tak tau aihh) kemas sentiasa yaaa. 
Kdg-kdg realiti tu harus dipaparkan supaya hati yg diluar sana tak bummed bila tahu realiti. Bummed tu mcm kecewa la. Aku sendiri pun bummed bila tgk diri sendiri dkt cermin. Well, kita tahu diri kita serabai takat mana, jadi jujur je lah dgn diri sendiri yaaa. Mmg tak improve diri ni in and out kalau tak be honest with yourself.

Aku ada 25 benda nak kena update dkt diri sebelum layak jadi wife orang. Nyawa pun tak tau la sampai bila Allah nak bagi pinjam. Jadi, post ni adalah sebahagian usaha aku menyebarkan usahasama aku dan pembaca. Semoga bilik kita tak mereput, lantai bersih, baj…

WEEK 6 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
It has been quite a good week for me, alhamdulillah. Have started my lil efforts towards a better cgpa lol hahahaha apabenda ni. Idk where is the part I put my effort but I know this week is better than the previous ones. Baby steps, I suppose.
I just can't wait for midsem break. I have high hope that midsem break would be fully utilized. How? Well, the planning part is always the fanciest -.-" So, I had to ditch planning but sticking to a motto which is "time has to be fully utilized".
It's gonna be tough. Too much distractions at home.
But before heading home, I will have to face 3 tests -.- Im gonna be dead. So, lets pray that everything goes smoothly for me okay? I need to get higher carry marks and a less worry during final exam. (you have no idea how cuak and stressful I was last semester due to the low carry marks for almost ALL of the subjects). It was torture. Alhamdulillah, I passed all papers. Mission accomplished. Hahaha.


The Morning Glory.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Aku rasa bunga tu memang patut dinamakan morning glory sbb lets admit that morning has its own glory to some of us. I have always been a lover of morning skies and ambient. Kalau dekat rumah masa cuti sem (yg aku tk tido lmbt pastu bgn nk dkt zuhur), I would normally stayed up after subuh, open up the windows in my room and stare at the blank sky and listen to sound of birds chirping. Only then, hati aku jadi tenang.
A good way to start my day.
When I was in KMS, we had classes at 8am every single freakin day (which could be boring at times) but one of the things that I would always remember (other than the freaking delicious lontong at Orion) is how I always looooove spending my time sitting at any corner of Blok Mira while waiting for Yasmin and just stare at the stunning sky, listen to the sound of bird and just enjoy every second of it. 
This thing buat aku sedar yg how terribly fast I tried to chase all the things in this world but then I forgot to embrac…

WEEK 4 & 5 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Week 4 : It was another week wasted with procrastination, I guess. I haven't been productive yet. No one-page notes ever made so far. No past year questions that looked appealing to me. I went back and forth to class, balik merepeut main phone, overslept, watched movies, borak more and more. Wasted, I know. Went to Jln TAR on saturday (April 28), accompanied my housemate Syira to buy kain baju raya. Bought 2 shawls of striking colours (yellow and pink). Pehh, berapa lama aku tak beli shawls seh hahaha. Oh did I forgt to say that I had lunch with one of the most charming senior we have in UiTM KBM? Hahahaha. He won't read this, dont worry. Pffttt. 

Did perform on stage for sketsa My Love From Dhaka during Malam Serangkai Mawar, an event under Kelab Warisan Budaya. I was being an amoi, probably a converted muslim amoi hahahaha. No script but we all did well despite the time constraint to practice. Ahh, the feeling of doing what I love! It was a week of l…