Makeup and Girls.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 


I grow up with boys. Im the only daughter in the family. I was born as a hyperactive, rough, harsh but childish person, that's why a lot of people can't tell that Im actually older than them or how I looked or act. Yes, it feels good when people think that Im younger because I looked a bit chinese (some say I have that babyface look -ye sila muntah), I sounded like doraemon (that's why Hajar named me Nisamon) and I act like cartoon sometimes (a friend once called me Hello Kitty -__-)

Being a rough girl is my norm. I always thought that Im just a self-proclaimed boyish girl until my theater coaches pointed out that I have that rigid and rough attitude in me. Ye lah, kantoi sbb tak reti jadi Maziah yg girlish gedik manja. But my aunts already pointed it out since I was a lil kid. I used to have that boyish haircut and that was freedom hahaha. Despite that, I have a very girlish family name which is 'Anis' hahaha!

Meet Maziah, the girl I never want to be in teater LEMBU 2015.
 This was taken before full rehearsal which was 2 days before real show time.

Apart from being rough and tough, I do believe that every girl will have girls natural traits. You know, sifat kewanitaan or perangai perempuan. We develop it as we grow up. Kalau tak byk, sikit pun jadi lah. Some starts to love baju kurung, some enjoy cooking, some love children very much, some enjoy putting on makeup. I dont looked boyish but I act like one though not all the time.

At the age of 20, which was last year, I found that Im starting to enjoy seeing people experimenting with the face using makeup. Ini semua sebab aku asyik spend time dengan Youtube. I watched like hundreds of makeup tutorials. Dari tak tahu bronzer tu apa, aku jadi tahu. Nanti aku rajin, aku cite bronzer tu apa. Hahahaha. Ia adalah sejenis kek coklat :p

I guess it's normal when you reach 20 and start to enjoy putting on makeup. Though certain people despise it, nevermind. It's subjective anyway. The problem with putting on makeup is that people will talk, especially when you are like me -a person who goes out with bare face. The key is to start slow.

There are lots of reasons as to why girls put on makeup, you know. Im still not a fan of makeup tebal yg mcm pondan or badut. I like the one that looked fine, natural, sweet and somehow I liked the grunge ones. You know, the dark lip colour hahahaha. Crazy, I know.

Some girls put on makeup because they have a very paleeeee face (yes, like me). Aku faham kau. Kau sihat pun orang ckp kau sakit. I know how it feels. Esp when you didnt get enough sleep, your eyebags showing. Gosh, terrible! So, we put on makeup. A bit of BB cream, concealer, lip balm, eyeliner and for some, they just enjoy highlighting their eyebrow sampai jadi setebal tulisan khat HAHAHAHA! Mcm budak dlm gmbr bwh ni hahahaha. Sorry lah, aku ni kening seciput je.

1st day of show. Nmpk mcm tak tebal kan? (minus eyelashes n eyebrow tu) trust me, this took them almost 2 hours to siap.
Hahaha. Seronok agaknya Sya experiment muka aku ^.^

But my salutation goes to girls who put on minimal makeup on daily basis, as long as they don't looked like a freaking sick person. I just enjoy seeing healthy faces everywhere. Especially those who dont put on makeup at all. But this is rare. Most girls with healthy looking face put on makeup to add more colours and make the face more lively instead of kusam.

Boys would probably be the hypocrites when it comes to girls putting on makeup sebab they adore pretty girls but restrain their girl to put on makeup by saying natural look is more flattery -_- they didnt realize some of the pretty girls they were smitten with or usha put on makeup. Pffttttt. Dear boys, you should be grateful that your girl decided to looked presentable. Awak jugak yg suka tengok orang cantik kan. Kang dia tak cantik, awak usha orang lain -__- Please use your brain correctly. But it's also okay not to prefer seeing your girl looked like a literal clown. Judge wisely.

It's been months since I last shop for any makeup stuffs. It's been a busy semester for me though, I forgot to be eager with makeup hahaha. But full rehearsal and teater show day made me grow back the eagerness to experiment with makeup. Goshh, this is funny and awkward. I felt girlish sikit. Im planning to buy the brush set. Tak sabar!

Last day of show.

Teater LEMBU 2015 made me realized that I looked different once I put on makeup. You know the kind of different yang orang tak sedar that it was Anisah Ishak who played the role as Maziah. Even Rahman (my unofficial husband aka Hadi) tak sedar that I was standing next to him in the makeup room. I looked lively and vibrant. I finally realized it. Hahaha! I've been 'sick' and pale since birth laaa. But mehh, makeup does wonders to girls. 

It's never wrong to put on makeup, girls. But not too much of makeup. You know the rules.
Enjoy putting on makeup! :p
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Peminat sejak 2012 said…
Aku ingatkan model mana la tadi yang tudung hitam ni.
On fleek siot!
Nesayang said…
hahahahaha siot la ni mesti yasmin -___-"

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