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Nak bagi senang paham, calibrate tu mcm adjust bagi betul.

I havent been blogging frequently these days, boleh kata aku lost grip jugak dkt blog ni. Mcm makin terbiar. Malas pun ada. Tp I always have things to share, cuma I dont share these days. Tp nesa being nesa, very expressive and impulsive, so she needs to rant jugak at the end of the day.

Too much happened these days.

From learning that my opinion didnt matter to some people to realizing that there are people who will back me up no matter how shitty things could be and they can also be the same people who hurt you. Basically, everyone hurts and helps. and fuck yes, I eventually dont care who were nice or shitty.

I went for a taklimat about internship today. I felt nothing while my friends are intimidated and nervous. I felt like it was just another thing I have to deal with and tbh, it's kinda tedious. All the process, I mean it. But surely, I'll learn more and that's exciting.

I'll start internship February 20…


Semester ni aku bawak Baby G ke Melaka, senang jugak lah nak commute ke mana2 dan senang jugak duit aku habis dlm masa seminggu pertama aku bwk Baby G. Oh G stands for green cz that kelisa is green in colour.

Idk what to expect for this semester. First week is all fun and games. Classes have started. Homework pun dah dapat. I have lots to arrange like files, workout and so much more. I've been thinking to work on weekends but Idk whether I'll survive or not.

Semester ni lah kitaorang pegi Beijing, akhir November nanti. Tbh, Im not really happy cz I heard rumors yg Beijing busuk. Aduh lemah aku.

Ni lah cuti panjang yg terakhir aku boleh lepak dkt rumah takda buat apa beb. Next midsem break pegi Beijing, lepastu kelas kelas kelas and then final exam, lepastu break kejap 2 weeks, then internship.

Fuh. Dah nak habis siot degree ni.

Ah, bosan betul. Aku takda rasa nak blogging these days.