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Umrah February 2017.

this is quite a long post tho.

Yeap, quit expecting that I'll be doing how-to post. This post will be about how special this trip was for me.

All praise be to Allah for this rezeki. I've always wondered how it feels like to be there (the two holy cities, Mekah and Madinah). I used to look at other people's pictures and thought "haih, how lucky these people are".

I used to be in that cohort. I wanted to be there so badly but I thought it was nearly impossible until I secured a job first. But I had it in my heart, I really wanna go there. I whispered from the deepest of my heart and He answered me when Ayah sent a message in the group to choose the date.

Flabbergasted indeed!

I was preparing myself for Beijing at that time. 3 days left before my classmates and I leave Malaysia and with the news from Ayah, I was eternally grateful! Then I realized I am now in a different cohort. I joined the lucky-ones cohort.

I still remember the first time I reach Tanah Haram, I f…

to those who made it till today.

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I changed my blog layout. To me, this is big. Bold & Sepet has been my diary since 2009 -via different names that seemed to never find a fixed one, haha!. I am not really someone who speak out the grief that I kept inside, but I know it showed on my face bcz Im not good at hiding either. So, blogging is a therapy for me. I discovered the world of blogging when I was 14. It was love at first sight.

I used to update frequently and whenever Im mia (it means "missing in action", buddy), my friends (yeah, the real good ones) will know that I'll never left my blog unattended and from this blog also I knew if they still cared.

Apparently, I haven't been blogging frequently these days. I just lost the momentum, Idk what happened. It just happened like wth....

...and tonight, revamping this blog, adding my fav colour (ehem, yellow is a good energy) made me weep tbh. I bawled my eyes bcz it's like flipping a new page and neve…

Month 1 of Internship.

Aku ni mungkin dah tak sesuai utk blogging. Entah lah, makin malas nk update. Dulu boleh je panjang lebar bercerita. Idk what happened.

Yesterday marked the first month of doing internship. Dah dapat advisor, cuma aku belum settle fikir lagi tajuk thesis. Kenapa lah UiTM ni campur aduk thesis dgn internship. Cuba lah susun elok. Betul2 nak kita ni belajar thrive under pressure gamaknya.

Supervisor aku tanya aku "where do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

Aku tk tau nak jawab apa sebab I havent really choose one. I have like so many plans which ended up not having focus, so no goals achieved. Mcm tamak, semua nak buat tp tak dapat.

Mungkin sambung kerja, tp definitely bukan sambung belajar. Itu pasti.

Risau jugak aku dgn kos sara hidup dkt KL kemain tingginya. Aku nak beli lunch pun risau. Belum cite nak top up touch n go lagi. Total semua dh berapa ratus. Takda space nk saving. Timbul lah rasa menyesal tk saving since sem 1 dulu. Kalau tak dh boleh meminang crush aku. Eh. …