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Goodbye blogging. 10 years of Shah Alam.

Pantas eh 10 tahun rupanya..

Aku decide starting 2018 ni aku nak tukar daripada blogpost kepada Tumblr, sebab apps Tumblr lagi user friendly, hence senang aku nak update di mana-mana. Apps blogger agak lousy. I forgot that I actually created and posted things on Tumblr account since 2015 rupanya haha. See you guys on Tumblr ok!

I wont be blogging here anymore, I guess. Ah sedih pulak rasa........

Aku bukan penulis yg proper because whatever is in this blog is directly (very raw) from my brain, no filtering needed. But I enjoyed 10 years of blogging. Years of freedom (especially when malaysian are very lazy to read, I get more privacy). Thank you for the 10 years of support my loyal (maybe non existent) readers. I love you all of you. It's time to say good bye...cant believe Im doing this....

I bid farewell to blogspot.
Good bye blogging life :(


10 tahun di Shah Alam pun menyeronokkan. Ofcourse ada pahit getir, tapi I surviv…