Apa Dah Jadi?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
This is a scheduled post.

Kalau kau alert, post ni adalah post pertama BOLD & SEPET.

Apa dah jadi dengan posts lama? Mana hilang?

Well, here are the reasons :
  • My daily life linked to this blog. I will always update anything here. BOLD & SEPET is like my personal diary. I realized that God has taken me to the phase where I tasted failure in my big exam due to my own slackening attitude. I am such a pemalas, so I deserve my result so much. I am not sad, not at all. I've prepared my mental earlier for the more worst outcome than what I expected. You can see that I was composed. I was lucky to get 3As. I wanted a new phase. More challenging one. This is the new phase. Hence, I deleted those old posts to resemble my new phase I am going through. 

  • Furthermore, let bygones be bygones. This is me living my typical life in more Islamic and productive ways. People change. Hidup harus saling sokong-menyokong. Have respect, brothers and sister :) I am not in hesitation to do this. Well ofcourse, as a diary, I write what I feel about my life and how I am progressing. 

Peace. Assalammualaikum :)


aivimivi said…
me loves u. em aku ade kt jb smpai 17 je. i hope i can see u and hang out seminggu ke..
Nesayang said…
hehehe akan daku fikir kan kembali <3
yoyin said…
Congratulations Nesa. 3A's is good (: good luck in the future :3
aivimivi said…
dont take too much time nesa.. haha lets have some fun. release kn ape yg ptot hehehe
Nesayang said…
Nesayang said…
Thank you, Yoyinnn! =]
aivimivi said…
haha nina is part time driver :p kalau jd nk dtg before 18, msg ok..
Nesayang said…
hehehe okay sweetie!! =]

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