بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family.
This is a scheduled post.

There was one day that I was feeling groggy, I did muslim personality test. So, this is it..

You are supportive, friendly and respectful so you thrive on serving quietly without fanfare and ensuring others succeed. You are committed and steady in meeting your obligations and like to belong and support the group. You are thorough, accurate and pay close attention to details so you are better at seeing the specifics than the bigger picture. You strive to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home. You are very loyal and considerate of others so you notice and remember specifics about people who are important to you. You take your responsibility towards others very seriously and are concerned about how others feel, so you don’t like confrontation and would rather be accommodating to avoid conflict. You are private about your personal life and share with only those closest to you.

Am I?



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