I Will Remember May 6, 2012 / Part 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)


Bought 6 books which cost me almost 200 MYR -___-

Sit back, relax and calculate my expenses -_____- DIE.. I'm officially broke.

Finally, watched The Avengers. Yes, I was alone.

International Book Fair 2012, PWTC.

An event which never fails to make me happy. It's like my playground. I was all alone. Took the trains, walked to PWTC, got lost, made phone calls to ask, roamed around, found the hall, happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Allah gave me something today. Something petty for you, but has an enormous value for me. A personal divine moment. A moment I shall remember. A moment I met someone.

Yes, that one person.
I'll continue and tell you guys later in Part 2, about who is 'someone' :']

Till then,
Assalammualaikum :)

*I am soooo tired carrying those almost-2-inches-thick books everywhere and roamed at Mid Valley after that, no one was with me, so imagine I have to carry those thick books all alone, everywhere, every time*



Syahirah said…
Kau pergi booth Lejen? Kau beli buku apa weh sampai RM44? o.O
aivimivi said…
tell the story boleh? buat org curious jeee.

btw, aku jealous. nk pergi jugak.
Nesayang said…
Syhrh : Pergi :) HAHA I'll post what I bought later :p

Aimi : Sabarrrr, nnti kan PART 2 :p tu laaa, sapa suruh duduk jauh!

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