Yang Ke - 18.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

With family.
KR, Subang Parade. 5pm, June 23, 2012

June 23, 1994.

I was born and till this day He has given me chances after chances, and so much more. Life has been pretty well 'digested', which you may assume that I am learning and applying what I've learned. In the name of He who has given me so much love, I am here, still breathing and taking opportunities while I still can. 18 years, that might be just a number to you. But I personally can say that when I thought of not surviving a task, I will have to go 18 years backwards to realize that I survived tasks He gave me. 

  18 years of undying love from my parents can never be neglected.

I may not be the best daughter, the best student, let alone a good companion. Wherever I go, I'll never be the best from the rest and there will always be someone else better. But lately, He taught me that life isn't about chasing the title of  'The Best'. It's about how we set our mind, how we think positively and just seize the day. Being the best is when we truly know Who Is The Best. Yes, you know Him, He is The Best :)

I may type this with good spirit now, but my spirit doesn't always rise up high all the time. We all are same. We shine for awhile and face the dark side when He wants us to. I am still the same frail Anisah. The one who will cry in the middle of the night when everyone has already dozed off. The one who doesn't simply click with new strangers. The one who has been pampering herself and suffer the agony of getting out from her comfort zone. Typically, a girl with dreams.

I have my ups and downs. I flawed everyday. I slack off quite often. I don't know where life is heading to. But He gave me this opportunity at KMS. Yeah, my life there is like a duplicate one of my senior years -____- I once ask Him to give me chance to start all over again. Nah! Dia campak aku masuk KMS hahaha :D

From Ayah and Mak ^_____^ 

Well, wherever we go, there will always be someone better than us. I personally feel competed, but when I think back again, when I contemplate, I laugh at myself, realizing that I am not grateful -_______- Main thing is, I should enjoy my two years at KMS, I guess. 

KMS is just a phase and it ends. Yup, honestly, I am 'suffocating' while trying to settle in, because I think too much. Also, I am typing this with workloads in front of me, virtually screaming at me, wanting to be settled by tomorrow. Oh, Im screwed.

Oh and yes, I am that kind of person who celebrate her own birthday no matter what :p 
and in few years time, I'll be celebrating it alone -____- I have to, eventually.. *sighhh

Dear Allah,
thanks for this wonderful life :')
I will never have enough ways to show my gratitude!!
You are the best, Ar-Rahman!

Assalammualaikum :B


woot woot ;) said…
nisaa, happy birthday ! :)

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