KMS Part 4 / A Month Two Days

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

Me fact : I love the feeling I get when I'm in the car heading home from KMS HAHA :p


I know that I've been blogging about my life here in Selangor Matriculation College. You can spew if you want :p Leave this blog, it's your choice. I, honestly don't really have any topic to talk about. I mean like, tak kan aku nak specifically update every details right?

It's a month two days for me today. It's so hectic. I can truly honestly seriously say that this is one of the life-changing phase in life. Well, suffering the agony of getting out from my comfort zone, striving to get up before azan subuh everyday, finishing tutorials and presentations, do some drilling and at the same time trying to enjoy everything as someone so dear to me once said.

Sacrifice. That's the word worth suffering for.

Well, I hope so, insyaAllah.

To realize that I am here not to compete, is so relaxing. I frankly have to admit that in certain cases, I am passive. Competition isn't me. I like to pace my own way, do my own thing. Reckless and carefree -___- Ah, nobody is here for competition. I am here to develop something within myself.

On my own.

Above all, I thanked Allah S.W.T for giving chances after chances for His annoying servant like me -___- To have roommates like these girls are beyond bliss. It's only a month, we all can conclude that the bonding between us gets closer everyday. When one cries, the others wipe the tears. When one scores good marks, all are happy. Alhamdulillah.

One month left for our first mid-sem test (UPS). As for now, I am taking baby steps to sacrifice every petty desires. Sleep and slackening. Internet and twitter. My goodness, all these things are distractions. Haih. 

Dear God,
I hope everyone is doing better in life.

Have fun, enjoy your current time!
Assalaamualaikum :)


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