Little Curiosity Leads To Somewhere

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

During my kindergarten years, I was sent to islamic kindergartens where I was taught about the fundamental ideas of my beloved deen (religion). I was taught about islamic pillars, how to pray, recite the prayer and how to have good manners etc etc. Also, I was taught that Allah and Rasullullah is the number one I should love. Being me, (perhaps the same goes to you guys), I question almost everything that happens in my life. For example, if one create a statement, kindly leave explaination(s) or I'll bombard you with my stupid curiosity (questions) HAHA. When the ustazah said that we should love and believe in Allah and Rasulullah, I question that. I question for whom or to what kind of extent we shall live. I question what is the function of living. Forgive me, I was only a little innocent girl. 

I was asking 'Why?' out of curiosity not rebel. 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever been blind and dumb like me? Or you wanna tell me that the first day you were born, you already know who 'sent' you to this world? I wonder are there people wondering the same stuffs like I once did? What do they do with those stuffs they wonder?

I lived my life after that, with this questions left unanswered. 

I think I just have this sturdy, strong, gigantic ego to just simply digest the fact that we all should put Allah and Rasulullah in the first place. I am not being rebel here. I am just curious. Why..? Very well then, there must be reasons. I thank Allah that I was born as an avid reader. And so, I read stuffs, I pray, made mistakes, experienced stuffs and grow up being me.

I guess my curiosity will never be fed. But through those years of living, I realized..

Allah sent me down for purposes,
Allah gave me this breath,
Allah gave me this curiosity,
Allah made me think,
Allah put me in those struggles,
Allah guides me,
Allah sent people to help me,
Allah was there..

There was this one night, I was so bored that I aimlessly surf the internet. I found this video below and that night He was showing me that He'll answer my curiosity with His love. I was stupefied. That day, I realized how small, arrogant and weak I was to questions those stuffs few years back then.. He was The Protector of all humankind. What Ruben has go through in his mind was exactly the same like mine. Except for one fact. One fact which is a blessing.  The fact is, I was already born as muslim and I don't have to struggle to find my exact religion. I just have that curiosity and questions. I was hoping that with those curiosities and questions been answered, myself and mind would truly understand the purposes of living. Yes, as a muslim.

I appear to be a normal girl with normal hijab, not the wide one. I appear to be typical girl with no specialties. I appear not as a religious person. I am just typical weak servant of Him. I am hoping that I could do something with my life to present to Him later in afterlife. May Allah ease my journey.

This is just a story of mine. 

May this video benefits everyone (starting at 8:09 is the best part of the video, I guess hehe). Forgive me for everything and pray for everyone. We're heading to the month of Syawal within few days and may Allah accept all of our deeds and forgive us all. Allahuakbar, bless you people :')

Assalammualaikum! ^__^


Anonymous said…
hey hey baru ingat, awak x buat lagi ur HOMEWORK! i said cuti ni kena upload birthday pictures yg ada Audi cake n Love cookies tu haaaaaaaa lupa la ni! -.-" lets create OUR own private blog :p
Nesayang said…
dia ni mmg suka comment yg tkda kaitan dgn post :p
Anonymous said…
Hahahahhaa sbb tiba2 teringat la :p jom? Buat blog kita? :)
Adam Anis said…
Thanks for d new blog syg, i wouveeeeeee it!!! :D and yeah saja komen yg x kena mengena dgn post :p
Nesayang said…
Adam Anis said…
Gedik gedik pun GF saya sayang :p
Adam Anis said…
:') i love you my awesome gf... :)
Adam Anis said…
Happy 1 Month Anniversary syg! I wouveeeeeee youuu!!! :')

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