Langkawi 2012

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
This year, it was a trip to Langkawi. Heck it was so hot there, my skin burnt -____-" 
But I had so much fun, I swear! Though my bums numbed HAHAHA 
Heading to Langkawi by car.

I was so sleepy -___-"

Nice view.


Arrived at this place with my bums numbed due to the long hours of sitting in the car.


Later at night, I went out with my parents to survey the chocolates. See ayah was talking to me agaknya hahahaha

I looked like her, no? -___-"


Langkawi cable car! 
It was awesome! This trip is incomplete without this visit. The view was (subhanaAllah) so mesmerizing that I don't wanna go back home to Zauji and he had to persuade his little princess :p hahahaha drama! The breezing wind up there and the view are just awesome for me whose final exam just ended HAHA.


Waiting for our turn.

Going up.


Ah come on, I was a typical tourist. Hence such post HAHAHA

Skybridge was closed at that time. Bummer.

Favourite pic. They are getting taller, so kesian la yg tgh tu..


Oh aku nampak tinggi HAHA

I was having a great time, seriously :)

Family pic.

It was sooooo fun also! I had a monkey grabbing my arm when I was about to munch my bread. The monkey was ofcourse aimed for the bread -___-" Only God knows how loud I shrieked and everyone looked at me HAHAHA bloody monkey, you screwed my by-the-seashore breakfast, sighhhh..

Riding on a boat. 

Ayah is getting skinnier -___-"

The wind was crazy, my tudung was all over the place HAHAHA


We had to climb to reach here and ofcourse I was panting, but felt so lega after seeing this.


Malay tales FTW!

Rendam kaki je pun boleh la eh Zauji? :p

I gained weights, I know..

Oh I didnt know I have a handsome lil bro HAHAHA
am I the only sister who compliment her own bro? -___-"

Mak is being funny -___-" dia jengket kaki HAHA
 Underwater World
I personally think that it's not worth it to go here. The ticket is just bloody expensive (rm28 for adult), 
the expreience is far from what I expected -___-"

Behold, I was bored HAHA

This jellyfish fascinates me.

Makam Mahsuri.
It's nice to know the history of Mahsuri. I love to visit places with so much historical values like this because it shuts my mouth from rambling like a bimbo -___-" because also it will make me read and appreciate and dream to travel more HAHAHA 

Why aren't there any sawah in Shah Alam.. sighhhhhh.. I could contemplate at this for hours! Bliss!

RIP Mahsuri.

Batak tak pernah main air telaga.
 DAY 4.
The day we went back home and visited Galeria Perdana, a place Dr Mahathir kept all of his awards, certificates, presents etc. It was soooo awesome too! The compound was so big, I was lost actually HAHAHA


Innocent faces HAHAHA the three of them are, but not me :p

I didn't know she is the first malay doctor yadayada until I read this :O


I love the interior design.

Awesomeness defined.

Lawa gila jubah Dr Siti Hasmah tu T___T

Dr Siti Hasmah's.

Fat kid.

Crude oil.


This one is superb. I was speechless HAHA

Do you know what this is?

Here it is.

Shopping inside Haji Ismail Group. A must go.

Finally, I met this gigantic eagle HAHAHA
I was so high-spirited during day 1 just to see this animal,
but only get the chance to see few minutes before heading back to Shah Alam -___-'
So, there goes my family trip this year. This end-year trip post reminds me of last year's post where the six of us went to Penang and someone left a comment for that post and it started a relationship that last until today :') I love you, zauji. Thanks for 'dropping by' at my blog at that time :')


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