WEEK 6 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
DAY 1.
I'm just gonna make this week's summary very brief. So much works to do. Let the pictures and captions speak. Easy to read though..
Last week, I made chest pawn. So this week,
 I had to create the board and table also :D Seronok gila woi!

Maghrib view.

Solat at Masjid. New Year's Eve.

Okay, esok cuti. Baik aku tidur skrg. Esok terlampau byk benda nk buat. 
Might wake up at 3am to do works. Good night. Happy New Year! BarakaAllah :)
DAY 2.
It's the first day of 2013! Spent my day doing my works and I got maths lecture at night -___-" There goes my 'holiday'.. Oh and btw, only RM2 left in my purse. Yeah, to survive till Friday. 'Horah'.
Oh great, I have no money to eat, just used the RM2 for laundry. Nice one, Nesa.. 
First morning of 2013!
DAY 3.
Happy thing is, Zauji's home! Safely arrived. I received my souvenirs right after Chemistry Quiz, Hanim came and helped me with the rendang ayam (mak zauji masak hehe). What a good day.. Alhamdulillah.

Quiz was about to start.
About finish, I was bored, hence the picture HAHAHA suka suki je..
From Zauji, with love :')

Souvenirs :)
Cooked by Zauji's mother. Packed by Zauji, for me :') I was in car, with Hanim, eating this and talkkkkkk hehehe and the rendang.. fuhhhhhhhhhh cukup rasa :')

The view after that, heading to my room.
I seriously have no idea about the money -___-" 
Such a sweetheart :') 

DAY 4.
Aku byk ckp harini. Bila petang jadi makin senyap. Seronok jalan sorang2 ptg td, angin bertiup.. masyaAllah, tenang. Ada lecture fizik pkl 8.30pm nnti. Im so sleepy..
After classes for that evening has ended. So serene :)

Was wearing all blue HAHA, to the physics night lecture!

DAY 5.
Rindu Madame English aku :) Tadi dia dah mood okay sikit, start bercakap dgn kami semua. Ktorg cuma duduk dkt surau and talk, while the others solat dhuha. She is one special lady :') Aku balik harini! Naik one of my favourite car! Audi TT! Oh so much love for how the engine soars ^__^

Muka lapar buat fizik.

Aku banyak gila kerja nk kejar this week. Byk benda nk submit and catch up. Tak sempat nk merepek byk. Hidup makin occupied. I shall continue doing my works! Toodles!


 published! :p


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